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Overdimension Permits


Red semi-truck features a yellow 'Oversize Load' sign over the grille.

Annual, seasonal or single trip permits


    IMPORTANT: Beginning sometime in March, the Firefox web browser will no longer work with MnDOT's online permitting system. Please begin using the Internet Explorer web browser.

Pre-trip route survey

A pre-trip route survey is required when an oversized load exceeds 16'0" high and/or 20'0" wide.
***A pre-trip route survey may also be required for excessive length.

Did you know...

  • Self-routing of trips under annual permit is no longer allowed. All routing must be done through our online permitting system.
  • You can apply for permits online, by mail or through an independent permit service - not by fax or phone.
  • If MnDOT approves your application and issues a permit, we will charge the appropriate permit fee to the credit card you have listed with us. Please indicate on your application form which credit card to use.
  • Many permit types can be automatically issued online if you have an account set up with us. Our "Auto-Issue" feature is available for loads up to 14'6" wide; 14'6" high; 110'0" long; and Category 'A' weights.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a permit?

You can get a permit in any of three ways:

How long will it take to receive my permit?

Generally, one business day.

However, three (3) or more business days are needed for processing applications that require special handling.

(Special handling is defined as applications(s) requiring, but not limited to, the following: district review, route survey, and most self-propelled vehicles.)

When do I need a permit?

An oversize and/or overweight permit is needed when:

  • An overall loaded width exceeds 8'6"
  • An overall loaded height exceeds 13'6"
  • An overall loaded length exceeds 75'0" on combination vehicles
  • An overall loaded length exceeds 45'0" on single vehicles
  • When the overall GVW exceeds 80,000 lbs

When am I exempt from needing a permit?

  • When hauling utility poles (over-length only).
  • Driving or towing Implements of Husbandry (e.g. farm equipment) at speeds less than 30 miles per hour. No interstate travel is allowed.
  • Through a Governor's Order or Disaster Relief.

When are escorts required?

Generally, escorts are required when overall widths exceed 14'6", or under these conditions:

  • On any divided roadway, or when overall lengths are between 110'0" and 150'0", one rear escort is needed.
  • On any non-divided roadways, or when overall lengths are between 110'0" and 125'0", one rear escort is needed.

When do seasonal load limits or increases take effect?

See the seasonal load limits page.

Where do I find information concerning new laws, rules and regulations about overdimension permits?

You can refer to:

Are you using MnDOT's online permitting system with Windows 10?

If you are using the Windows 10 operating system, the default browser Microsoft Edge is not compatible with MnDOT’s Online Permitting System. You must use Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox will continue to run Java on Windows 10.

For more information, search the internet for: Microsoft Windows 10.