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Note: All documents found on this page are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified.


Central Office Parking Information (03/11/2014)
As of 2/24/14, access to MnDOT's Central Office Transportation Building has changed. You may now only enter the building using the John Ireland Boulevard entrance. While guests were previously able to park in a metered lot, and enter the building, on the Rice Street side; that site is now under construction, while a parking ramp is being developed. The information desk has been relocated to the "Ground Floor", near the John Ireland Boulevard entrance.


Because there are a number of consultants who visit MnDOT’s Central Office on a daily basis, we are posting a map of the capital complex. This map shows all designated visitor parking areas throughout the complex. Lot AA, on the west side of Rice Street, between University Avenue and Aurora Avenue, is most convenient for the Transportation Building. Keep in mind, visitor parking is still metered.


Capital Complex Map (361KB)


The parking ramp, "Ramp F", should be completed in December 2014, and, while largely utilized for employee parking, will provide additional spaces for visitors.


Travel Regulations - Updated Reimbursement Rates (02/04/2014)
As of January 1, 2014, several travel reimbursement rates have changed:


MnDOT Process Change - Contract Closeout Process (09/24/2013)

Consultants no longer receive notification from Consultant Services when a contract is Closed Out IF the following applies:


All consultants have access to the state’s financial system (SWIFT), where you can view any payments issued. SWIFT identifies the MnDOT Contract Number for each payment so that consultants can easily track the payment to the correct contract.


This change is in response to Governor Dayton’s initiative focusing on ways to “...make government better, faster, smarter and more efficient...”. The notification that is currently sent is a redundant service which costs the state time and money.


Consultants will be notified, via e-mail, when there ARE Audit Adjustments, with the specifics of those adjustments. The example below in italics is the communication that you may be familiar with, but are no longer being sent:


In reply to:
MnDOT Contract No. XXXXX


The following summarizes the project cost details as established under MnDOT’s final audit procedures.

Total Project Costs Reported                                                                                       $55,991.02
Total Adjustments                                                                                                               $0.00
Costs Eligible for Participation                                                                                     $55,991.02

Payments Made                                                                                                          $55,591.02
Balance Due to Consultant                                                                                              $400.00


There are no audit adjustments. This results in a balance due to your firm $400.00. This will close out the entire contract.


MnDOT Process Change - Final P/T Evaluation Process (01/16/2013)
In an effort to streamline internal processes, MnDOT has eliminated the need to complete the Professional/Technical (PT) Performance Evaluation Form for the following P/T Contract types:


This change will align MnDOT's process with the reporting requirements under Minnesota State Statute. Please note, an evaluation may still be completed, at the discretion of MnDOT's Project Manager or Authorized Representative, for any reason, including substandard performance on Contracts of any value.


Pre-Qualification Program Renewal Information
The Pre-Qualification Program renewals are underway. Any Work Types that are due for renewal are requested directly from each Consulting Firm for a given work type.

A representative at each firm will receive an e-mail notice requesting renewal information. Note that the renewals require full submittals, including required examples. Carefully read the submittal requirements in the Work Type Definition, and follow the blue hyperlinks to the forms that are needed.

Firms should not send any renewal information for work types unless requested to do so.


New submittals (for any work type that your firm is currently not listed under) and key personnel updates for all work types are still encouraged and accepted.

For questions, please contact Kelly Arneson at 651-366-4774 or