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Travel Reimbursement (January)

As of Jan. 1, 2015, the travel reimbursement rate for mileage has changed, and the standard IRS mileage rate for business use of a personal vehicle is now .575 (cents) per mile. As a reminder, as of Jan. 1, 2014, travel reimbursement rates for meals adjusted as follows: Meals are now reimbursed up to $9.00 for breakfast, $11.00 for lunch, $16.00 for dinner - for a daily maximum reimbursement of $36.00.

Central Office Parking (January)

Construction of the new Ramp F has been completed and full access to MnDOT's Central Office Transportation Building has been reinstated. Visitors may now access the building through either the 1st Floor (Rice Street), or the Ground Level (John Ireland Blvd). The ramp includes public, metered parking on the main level. For those familiar with the building, the ramp is located where the old metered parking lot was. See Capital Complex Map (PDF 0.5 MB).

SWIFT Changes (January)

At the direction of the Department of Administration, MnDOT now advertises Requests for Proposals in the SWIFT system. Each agency was affected by the implementation differently; please refer to the links below to understand how MnDOT projects have been affected:

Also, please refer to P/T Notices for additional guidance and current SWIFT postings.

Electronic Invoice Submittal (December 2014)

We now accept invoices electronically. When submitting invoices:

  1. Complete the required MnDOT Invoice Form and, if applicable, Progress Report Form, in their entirety (found as Exhibits to your contract).
  2. Sign the Invoice Form and, if applicable, the Progress Report Form.
  3. Attach supporting documentation, as appropriate, and scan all documents as one PDF document* in the following order:
    • Completed, signed Invoice form
    • Completed, signed Progress Report (if applicable)
    • Supporting Documentation

4. Email the PDF Invoice document to ptinvoices.dot@state.mn.us 

Whenever possible, convert landscape pages to portrait pages and optimize the document to decrease the size. Once the invoice document has been emailed, an automatic message will be sent stating the invoice has been received. If this message is not received within one hour, please contact Jamie Kelly at 651-366-4663.

Overhead Rate Cap (November 2014)

MnDOT's Office of Audit has an Overhead Rate cap of 160% of direct labor. If you have questions about this, please contact us

Contract Close Out Process (September 2013)

Consultants will no longer receive notification from Consultant Services when a contract is Closed Out if the following applies:

  1. Total project costs reported is the same as the total amount billed, and
  2. There are no audit adjustments

All consultants have access to the state's financial system (SWIFT) to view any payments issued. SWIFT identifies the MnDOT Contract Number for each payment so that the consultant can easily track the payment to the correct contract.

This change is in response to Governor Dayton's initiative focusing on ways to make "government better, faster, smarter and more efficient...". The notification that is currently sent is a redundant service, which costs the state time and money.

Consultants will be notified via e-mail when there are Audit Adjustments with the specifics of those adjustments.

The example below is the communication previously sent, that will no longer be sent:

In reply refer to:
MnDOT Contract No. XXXXX

The following summarizes the project cost details as established under MnDOT's final audit procedures.

Total Project Costs Reported                           $ 55,991.02
Total Adjustments                                           $         0.00
Costs Eligible for Participation                         $ 55,991.02
Payments Made                                              $ 55,591.02
Balance Due to Consultant                              $     400.00

There are no audit adjustments. This results in a balance due to your firm of $400.00. This will close out the entire contract.