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Training and Reference Documents

Contract Process Instructions and File Documentation Requirements

This process is used only when Consultant Services is not writing your contract. All documents that are bolded and underlined in these instructions can be downloaded from the P/T Contract Documents section. If TTAA is required for your contract, refer to the TTAA process below.

Process Instructions/File Documentation Requirements

File Documentation Definitions

  • Consultant Services will scan: Documents that have been sent in for signature. Consultant Services will scan the fully signed, executed document prior to office/district notification/return.
  • Copy Consultant Services on Email: Email notifications that are sent out. Copy Dalia on the email and she will save to the Contract File.
  • Email Scanned Documents to CS: Documents that will need to be scanned and emailed in.

TTAA Process and Guidance

  • TTAA Privatization Contract Process (Word KB) - This Process should be followed if the Contract is over $100,000 AND being done under the Pre-qualification Program, a Formal RFP or a Single Source, and an applicable work type applies. See the TTAA Privatization Contract Form (found under the P/T Contract Documents section), Page 1, for applicable criteria. Revised 06/13
  • TTAA Privatization Contract Form Instructions (Word 33 KB) - Guidance for completing the TTAA Privatization Contract Form. Revised 11/13

DBE Process and Guidance

TGB/Vet Goal Setting Process and Guidance

All competitively solicited projects, that solely state funded, need to be reviewed by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) so that a TGB or VET preference goal can be established. The following information should be submitted, in an e-mail, to Joyce Brown-Griffin (TGB/VET Specialist) and Rajan Nayar (OCR Admin.)

  1. Goal Request Cover Sheet (available HERE)
  2. Certification Form and Scope of Services
  3. RFP, Pre-Qualification Announcement or Quick Call for Proposals


Design Guidance

Reference Documents

  • Acronyms Reference Document (Word 77 KB) - References many common acronyms used in MnDOT Contracts.
  • Competitive Selection Process Updated Guidance (Word 54 KB) - This document details “best practices” for the Professional/ Technical competitive selection process. Revised 01/14 
  • Consultant Coordinators List (Word 47 KB) - Contact list for MnDOT District and Office Consultant Coordinators. Revised 04/15
  • Consultant Services Contacts (Word 54 KB) - Contact names, phone numbers and roles for the Consultant Services Section. Revised 9/14
  • EDMS Document Names (Excel 18 KB) - Required document naming conventions you should title your documents in EDMS.
  • PPMS Coordinators (Word 21 KB) - Identifies the MnDOT employee that is assigned as the PPMS Coordinator for each District. The PPMS Coordinator assigns the Project ID numbers. Once you complete the Project Authorization Form - TC08 (found under the P/T Contract Documents section), send it to the appropriate PPMS Coordinator for processing. Revised 06/15
  • Progress Report Form Instructions (Word 20 KB) - Details on what should be in each column of the standard Consultant Services Progress Report Form (found under the P/T Contract Documents section).
  • Project Authorization Form - TC08 Instructions (Word 23 KB) - Instructions on how to fill out the Project Authorization Form - TC08 (found under the P/T Contract Documents section), which you submit to obtain a Project ID number.
  • Project Management for Professional/Technical (P/T) Contracts Manual (Word 57 MB) - This is the manual that was used for the "Project Management for P/T Contracts" training class. If you have any questions about the manual, or are interested in receiving training, please contact Brad Hamilton.
  • Statewide County Codes (Word 23 KB) - Numerical numbers that MnDOT has assigned to each county throughout Minnesota.

Pre-Award Audit and Budget Spreadsheet Information and Guidance

Post Letting Services Master Contract Program Process and Guidance

  • Post Letting Services Fact Sheet (PDF 75 KB) - This document provides guidance and a program overview for the MnDOT Post Letting Services Master Contract Program. Revised 06/14

GEC Preconstruction Services Master Contract Program Process and Guidance

  • GEC "Fact Sheet" (PDF 79 KB) - This document provides guidance and a program overview for the MnDOT General Engineering Consultant Preconstruction Services Master Contract Program. Revised 05/15

GEC Pre-Letting Master Contract Program Process and Guidance

  • GEC Pre-Letting Master Contract Guidance (Word 28 KB) - This document provides guidance, a program overview and instructions for processing a Work Order Contract under the General Engineering Consultant Pre-Letting Master Contract Program. Revised 11/13