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Professional Technical Consultant Services
Within this web site you will be able to find information related to MnDOT's Professional Technical (P/T) contracts.
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Note: All documents found on this page are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified.



At the direction of the Department of Administration, MnDOT now advertises Requests for Proposals (RFP's) in the SWIFT system. Each Agency was affected by the implementation differently; please refer to the links below to understand how MnDOT projects have been affected:


MnDOT Vendor Notice (62Kb)

Original SWIFT Notice with MnDOT Updates (1.15 MB)


Please also refer to the "Helpful SWIFT Links" in the left-hand column for additional information. Also, please refer to the "P/T Notices" page for additional guidance and current SWIFT postings.


Potential Projects

MnDOT's Districts and Offices are encouraged to provide information regarding potential, upcoming Professional/Technical (PT) Projects. Please see the following links, last updated on 01/16/2015, to review the current potential projects list:


Potential Projects - Listed by Date Posted, Newest to Oldest (96KB)

Potential Projects - Listed by District/Office (28KB)


St. Croix River Crossing


St Croix River Crossing Logo



For the most up to date information on the St. Croix River Crossing project, please visit the project website at:



Important Reminders


Electronic Invoice Submittal Process

MnDOT's Consultant Services Section now accepts invoices electronically. Use the following instructions when submitting invoices:

  1. Complete the required MnDOT Invoice Form and, if applicable, Progress Report Form, in their entirety (found as Exhibits to your contract).
  2. Sign the Invoice Form and, if applicable, the Progress Report Form.
  3. Attach supporting documentation, as appropriate, and scan all documents as one PDF document* in the following order:
    • Completed, signed Invoice form
    • Completed, signed Progress Report (if applicable)
    • Supporting Documentation

4. E-Mail the PDF Invoice document to


*Whenever possible, convert landscape pages to portrait pages and optimize the document to decrease the size. 


Once the invoice document has been e-mailed, an automatic message will be sent stating the invoice has been received. If this message is not received within one hour, please contact Jamie Kelly at 651-366-4663.

Current MnDOT Overhead Rate Cap for Professional/Technical Contracts

MnDOT's Office of Audit has an Overhead Rate cap of 160% of direct labor. If you have questions regarding this, please contact the Consultant Services Help Line at 651-366-4611.

Design Scene Update

As many of you know the "Design Scene" is a means to communicate with all designers, technicians and engineers (both internal and external). Ideas are expressed, information assembled and distributed through this document to assist the designers in their everyday assignments.


Extracts from the Design Scene Newsletters are organized and kept on the Design Scene Web page at We have just completed an update of the Design Scene articles as stored on this website. A brief summary of the revisions are included on the website for your information.   


We would like to encourage you, as designers, to share with your fellow employees some of the ideas that you may have developed in improving the quality and reducing cost and time of plan preparation. We also solicit the continuing support we receive from other offices that work with us in the final design process.  If you have any future articles or ideas for articles please send them Yvonne Crocker. When she has received a few articles, she will send out a newsletter to keep you all informed. Any questions regarding the "Design Scene Update" should be directed to Yvonne.

Temporary Sediment Control Design Details

Temporary sediment control detail sheets for plans are now located, in PDF format, on the Environmental Stewardship website, under Erosion Control Stormwater Management / Design Support / Detail Sheets: Or, click HERE.