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Work Zone Safety Awareness Program

Program Information

The MnDOT Work Zone Safety Awareness Program (WZSAP) is targeted to educate new drivers and even more experienced drivers. The program works to promote safe driving in winter and summer highway work zones. Most of the 30 to 40 minute presentation offers guidance to motorists on what they should do when encountering snowplows, work zones, and other new and unfamiliar driving situations.

Work Zone Safety Awareness Program brochure cover with orange construction cone and orange circular lights and district contact information
Work Zone Safety Awareness Program Brochure

Each MnDOT presenter will share personal examples from his or her experience either behind the plow or on the road in highway work zones. Upon request, a short quiz is also offered as an aid for learning. As an added benefit, arrangements can be made to have a fully equipped MnDOT snow plow truck available at the presentation site. Having a plow present offers students an opportunity to understand first hand the challenging conditions a plow operator might be experiencing.

If a speaker is not available in your area, you may link to the presentation materials that are listed below. This program is to be used in conjunction with teaching the 55 Alive and Driver's Education courses.

There is no cost for the multi-media program that includes slides,overheads or PowerPoint presentation and video segments.

Anatomy of a Winter Storm



Presentation materials

Presentation Manual (1.63 MB)
PowerPoint Presentation (109 MB)
Presentation Evaluation (July 2012, 333 KB)

For a copy of the video "Anatomy of a Winter Storm" and attached video clips send request to