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Work Zone Safety Awareness Program

The MnDOT Work Zone Safety Awareness Program (WZSAP) is a public education program that works to promote safe driving in winter and summer highway work zones. Most of the 30 to 40 minute presentation offers guidance to motorists on what they should do when encountering snowplows, work zones, and other new and unfamiliar driving situations, such as roundabouts and j-turns. The program targets new drivers and experienced drivers and can also be used in conjunction with teaching 55 Alive and Driver's Education courses.

The Work Zone Safety Awareness Program is a free multi-media program that includes slides, overheads or PowerPoint presentation and video segments. Each MnDOT presenter will share personal examples from his or her experience either behind the plow or on the road in highway work zones. Upon request, a short quiz is also offered as an aid for learning. As an added benefit, you can make arrangements to have a fully equipped MnDOT snowplow truck available at the presentation site. A plow offers students an opportunity to understand firsthand the challenging conditions that a plow operator might experience.

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Video Presentations

  • Construction Work Zone & Winter Driving Safety Video – This section focuses on safely driving construction work zones and around snowplow operations during winter conditions. Also included is a story from an actual MnDOT plow driver.
  • Summer Driving Safety: Work Zone Safety and the Minnesota Twins – This section follows the Polk family as they make their way from “up north” to the Twin Cities to enjoy a Twins game. They encounter multiple summer construction work zones. This section includes the 511 traveler information website tools and how to locate construction projects, traffic control devices and signs and what they mean when entering, traveling through and exiting a work zone.
  • KEN talk: Knowledge and Engineering of Road Networks – This section, presented in an entertainment presentation format, includes Traffic Safety Designs and Innovations. Included are segments on how to drive through unfamiliar technologies, such as roundabouts, reduced conflict intersection, diverging diamond interchanges, and how and when to zipper merge. It also covers flashing arrow signals and the rural intersection conflict warning system or RICWS.

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PowerPoint Materials

If a speaker is not available in your area, you may link to the presentation materials listed below.

"Anatomy of a Winter Storm"

To learn more about Work Zones and how to keep our construction workers safe, visit the Work Zone Safety homepage.