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Construction Tools, Work Order Sample Language

Sample language for writing work orders

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Work Order/MEW Process

Contractor is not authorized to perform work until Work Order/MEW is executed

  1. Engineer discusses need for Work Order/MEW with District and Specialty Office personnel, if needed
  2. Engineer and Contractor discuss work and payment method - pay items orforce account
  3. Engineer confirms negotiated items and Equipment Rental Rates used for Force Account with Estimating Unit or 651-366-4628.
  4. Engineer completes Work Order/MEW and may use sample Work Order language.
  5. Office manager reviews Work Order/MEW.. 
  6. Engineer signs Work Order/MEW and returns to office manager
  7. If  Work Order is greater than $25,000.00, appropriate Assistant District Engineer signs Work Order/MEW
  8. Office manager sends signed Work Order/MEW to Contractor and tracks progress
  9. Contractor signs and returns Work Order/MEW to Engineer (or office manager)
  10. Office manager distributes Work Order/MEW - original to Engineer file, signed copies to Contractor and head inspector
  11. Work Order/MEW is fully executed when received back by Engineer

NOTE:  Signed copy is sent to central construction office when final is prepared.

Work Order/MEW Payment

  • Engineer adds "Backsheet" item(s) to voucher
  • Engineer encumbers funds separately as needed
  • May use Contract, negotiated unit prices or Force Account

Effective when fully executed