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Supplemental Agreement Part A + Part B
Supplemental Agreement Part A + Part B process

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Supplemental Agreement Part A - Process and Payment


Goal - Fully executed SA Part A within two working days once SA Tech receives Part A

SA Part A Process

NOTE:  Draft approval of SA Part A wording is not required.  You have the option of requesting draft approval by faxing to SA Tech.

  1. Engineer discusses need for SA with District Specialty Office, if needed
  2. Engineer and Contractor discuss work and payment - pay items or force account
  3. Engineer confirms negotiated items and Equipment Rental Rates for Force Account with Estimating Unit or 651-366-4693.
  4. Engineer completes SA Part A form by hand or with typewriter using large font or print so it can be read through the faxing process.  Use informal language to complete SA Part A
  5. Engineer ensures that Estimate of Cost includes pay items or Force Account
  6. Engineer obtains signatures - Engineer, Contractor or representative and Assistant District Engineer Faxed signatures are acceptable and can be on separate copies of SA Part A
  7. Engineer ensures that SA Tech receives faxed copies of SA Part A with all signatures
  8. SA Tech enters approval information into Construction Management System. SA Part A is fully executed when all required signatures are affixed and required funds are encumbered.  Approval date in CMS reflects "fully executed" date
  9. CMS downloads SA Part A to the field office with only the fund encumbrance
  10. Office of Construction & Innovative Contracting forwards copy of fully executed SA Part A to Engineer

SA Part A Payment
No payment allowed until SA Part A is fully executed

Payment is made using a "Backsheet" item

Do not overrun amount encumbered

Supplemental Agreement Part B - Process and Payment

SA Part B Process and Payment

SA Part B is identical to the Standard Supplemental Agreement process and payment except the SA Part B form takes into account any funds encumbered by SA Part A.