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Construction Tools - Supplemental Agreements
Determining which Supplemental Agreement to use
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Supplemental Agreement

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Sample Language

Change Order
Work Order/MEW
Supplemental Agreement


Design-build forms

Part A
Part B


Design-Build Partnering Sample Language
(to add professional partnering facilitator for project already let)

CO level 2 Part A
CO level 2 Part B




Types of Supplemental Agreements


There are two types of Supplemental Agreements (SA). Which one you use depends on the urgency of getting the supplemental work started. 


Standard Supplemental Agreement

Use standard SA when there is time to execute the SA, get the appropriate original signatures and encumber funds before beginning work. 

This is the preferred SA method.

Standard SA process and payment


Supplemental Agreement - Parts A + B

Use SA – Part A & Part B when work needs to be authorized quickly.  Work can start sooner since this method allows faxed signatures in Part A. Part B mimics standard SA but it can be completed at a later date.  

SA Part A + Part B process and payment


Sample language

Check sample SA language which can be used in either type of SA.