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Construction Tools, Contract Changes

Methods used to modify construction contracts

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Sample Language - Supplemental Agreements

SA Language

Download the desired sample and paste it onto an SA form.  Replace the underlined phrases and quest ion marks with the appropriate information. Since each SA is a legal document, submit a draft of your SA to the SA Tech before getting Contractor's signature.

Situation When to Use
Basic SA For any situation;  other samples are based on the basic SA.
Change Specification To change Contract Specification or Special Provision.
Overruns To change Contract unit price if item overruns bid quantity by >125% as provided in MnDOT Spec 1903. Use only on contracts using 2005 spec book and earlier.
Partnering Part A

SA Part A to add professional partnering facilitator  for project already let.

Partnering Part B SA Part B to add professional partnering facilitator for project already let.
Value Engineering When Contractor proposed a Value Engineering as provided in MnDOT Spec. 1408.


Discuss all claims with the Claims Engineer at 651/366-4219.

Situation When to Use
Simple Claim To settle a claim or multiple claims when claim settlement went easily and cleanly
Claim with Exceptions After settling as many of Contractor's claims as possible.  Remaining claims can be brought up for alternative dispute resolution.
Claim at End of Project For multiple claims and issues settled at the end of a project