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Construction Tools - References

Forms and manuals and other documents used to administer MnDOT construction projects.

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Forms :
Construction related forms and sites



Math Tables: Weights and Measures
MnDOT Library
Prevailing Wage (Labor & Industry)
Search engine for other DOTs
Vehicle Safety Lights


Guidelines & Procedures
Pavement Design


Haul Roads & Detours

Haul Roads & Detours


Load Limits/Road Restrictions

Seasonal Load Limits



Online Manuals

Map & Manual Sales


Materials Control Schedule
Materials Control Schedule

Independent Assurance Sampling & Testing (IAST) Schedule


Material Sources


Specifications and Special Provisions

Boilerplates for trunk highway construction projects

FHWA National Highway Specifications - compare specs from other states

Format for writing special provisions

Partnering special provision

Proposal sequence  - documents in proposals


Bridge CADD

Spec Books - 2000 & 2005

Standard Plans

Standard Plates


Technical Memos
All (by year)

Tech Memo procedures


Traffic Analysis

Roadway Data

Traffic volume maps



Utility Agreements & Permits

Approved Products
Approved/Qualified Product Lists


Audit Results

Audit primer - the basics of the audit process
Condensed Audit Results

Full audit report - 2014

Full audit report - 2013
Full audit report - 2012
Full audit report - 2011
Full audit report - 2010
Full audit report - 2009

Full audit report - 2008 and Earlier

Awarded Contracts

Proposals for awarded jobs


Civil Rights/EEO

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
On-the-job-training (OJT)
Workforce Information Tracking Initiative (WITI)


Contractor Plans

Electronic Documents - road and bridge construction plans


Environmental Issues

Concrete Washouts

Environmental Services


Equipment Rental Rates

Equipment Rental Rates Contact

Equipment Rental Rates Request

Technical Memo


Erosion Control

Minnesota Duty Officer Information

NPDES Memorandum of Understanding

Procedures for Extraordinary Weather Events

Stormwater Program for Construction Activity



Fuel Escalation

Fuel Escalation Special Provisions

Fuel Escalation Worksheet  -set for 50%

   1. Change formula if different %

   2. See proposal for items and verifying numbers

Steel Escalation

Steel Escalation Worksheet


False Claims Act - Minnesota

MnDOT Policy


Federal Resources

Code of Federal Regulations

Contract Administration Core Curriculum

FHWA Stewardship Agreement


Force Account

Force Account basic information