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Construction and Innovative Contracting


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Tom Ravn, State Construction Engineer and Director 651-366-4228
Paul Johns, Contract Administration Engineer 651-366-4219
Toni Immerman, Administrative Assistant 651-366-4240

Construction Support & Claims

Investigation and resolution of construction contracts  
Seth Yliniemi, Construction Support and Claims Engineer 218-846-3631
Bradley Cegla, Contract Administration Specialist 320-208-7007

Construction Support - MnIT

MnIT support to AASHTOWare, CMS, FieldOps, and TRACS Support  
Cheryl Jimenez, CMS, FieldOps, TRACS Support 651-366-4214
Nicholas Nyakundi, AASHTOWare Support 651-366-4205
Pat Quinn, AASHTOWare Support 651-366-4226
Gus Wagner, Lead Applications Support 651-366-4237

Construction Standards

Field Reviews, final inspections and reports  
Troy Strassburg, Construction Standards Engineer 218-308-1767

Contract Changes

Contract Changes - Document review, price recommendations, rental rates, force account, encumbrances and task orders  
Ben Hoefer, Contract Changes Engineer/Supervisor 651-366-4241
John Bier, Contract Changes Specialist (Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4) 651-366-4225
Eric Fyten, Contract Changes Specialist (Districts 6 and 7) 651-366-4685
Robert Juen, Contract Changes Specialist (Metro and District 8) 651-366-4693

Contracts and Lettings

How to bid, contracting, insurance requirements, bonding  
Nancy Boeve, Contracts and Lettings Supervisor 651-366-4243
Allison Buhl, Contracts and Lettings Specialist 651-366-4218
Matt Vang, Contracts and Lettings Specialist 651-366-4245
Email mailbox for contract documents submitted for approval  
Email mailbox for prime contractor vendor forms, hardcopy bid bonds, and TGB/Vet preference forms  

Documentation & Payments

Contract documentation, payments, and AASHTOWare construction business support  
Jennie Carlson, Supervisor, AASHTOWare Support 651-366-4207
Jessica Mennenga, Specialist, AASHTOWare Support 651-366-4216
Email AASTHOWare Construction Support  
Nancy Olson-Sperle, Payment Estimates and Final Reviews 651-366-4224
Jo Wood, Payment Estimates and Final Reviews 651-366-4242
Kaylee Klein, Student Worker 651-366-4206
Email Contracts Payment Group (CPG)  

Innovative Contracting

New practices supplementing traditional low-bid, design-bid-build contracting  
Kevin Kosobud, Project Development 218-310-3677

Labor Compliance Unit & AASHTOWare CRL Support

Investigating prevailing wage complaints, compliance assistance, certified payrolls and training  
Clancy Finnegan, Supervisor 651-366-4204
Omar Abdi, Investigator Senior 651-366-4230
Jamie Barry, Investigator Senior 651-366-4203
Amanedia Dear, Program Coordinator/Field Investigator 651-366-4202
Kirsten Reyes, Investigator Senior 651-366-4229
Email LCU Support 651-366-4238

Work Zone Safety

WZS training, Extra Enforcement, Awareness Program  
Ted Ulven, Work Zone Safety Supervisor 651-366-4222
Jackie Brown, Work Zone Safety Training Coordinator 651-366-4221
Jackie Brown, Extraordinary Enforcement and WZS Awareness Program 651-366-4221

Website Questions and Comments

Nancy Boeve, Bid Letting website 651-366-4243
Jackie Brown, OCIC websites 651-366-4221
Clancy Finnegan, Labor Compliance website 651-366-4204