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Office of Construction & Innovative Contracting

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Administration   http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Contract Administration  
Tom Ravn, Director 651-366-4228   Jennie Carlson, Contract Admin.Supervisor 651-366-4207
(vacant), Innovative Contracting Director 651-366-4210   John Giguere 651-366-4225
Joel Williams, Contract Administration Engineer 651-366-4241 http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Contract Changes  
Crystal Fedorenko, Administrative Assistant 651-366-4240   Karen Peters (Supplemental Agreements) 651-366-4227
Computer Applications     Contract Changes email  
Rick Beckes, Supervisor 651-366-4236 http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Innovative Contracting


CMS and Fieldops Project & Technical Support     Kevin Kosobud, Project Development 218-828-5822
Gus Wagner, Automation Unit Supervisor 651-366-4237   Labor Compliance Unit (LCU)  
Fieldops, Digital Inspector, TRACS Support   http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Charles Groshens, Supervisor 651-366-4209
(vacant) 651-366-4226   LCU website 651-366-4211
User Training http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Lettings  
(vacant), Information Technology Specialist 651-366-4226   Nancy Boeve, Letting Supervisor 651-366-4243
Greg Johnson, Information Technology Specialist 651-366-4216   Matt Vang, Contracts and Letting Specialist 651-366-4245
CMS / Technical Certification Support     Allison Buhl, Contracts and Letting Specialist 651-366-4218
Cheryl Jimenez, Application Developer 651-366-4214 http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Project Controls  
Claims     Rick Beckes, Project Controls Supervisor 651-366-4236
Mike Leegard, Claims/Const. Spt. Engineer 651-366-4219 http://wwwdev.dot.state.mn.us/const/const/images/spacer.gif Technical Certification  
Construction Standards     John Micheau, Technical Certification Specialist 651-366-4201
Paul Johns, Construction Standards Engineer 507-304-6245   Michael Hogan, Technical Certification Technician  651-366-4247
Documentation; Payments; Force Account      Susan Rousseau, Tech. Cert. Crs. Coordinator 651-366-4232
Force Account, Equipment Rental     Website Questions & Comments  
Ted Snyder - Construction Cost Support 651-366-4693   Clancy Finnegan (Labor Compliance website) 651-366-4204
Eric Fyten - Construction Cost Support 651-366-4685   Greg Johnson (OCIC webmaster) 651-366-4216
Construction Cost Support     Michael Hogan (Technical Certification website) 651-366-4247
Force Account, Other     Leigh Kriewall, (Work Zone Safety website) 651-366-4217
Jennie Carlson, Contract Admin. Supervisor 651-366-4207   Inyan Walking Elk, (OCIC website) 651-366-4221
Partial/Final Payments    Work Zone Safety  
Jo Wood 651-366-4242   Craig Mittelstadt; Work Zone Safety Coord. 651-366-4222
Nancy Olson-Sperle 651-366-4224   Leigh Kriewall, WZS Training Coordinator 651-366-4217
CPG     Inyan Walking Elk, Extra Enforcement,WZSAP 651-366-4221