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Innovative Contracting, Lane Rental

Description, benefits, and drawbacks of lane rentals, includes specifications and examples

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Lane Rental


Lane rental charges a rental fee to contractors for closing lanes and shoulders to do construction work.  The contract includes a rental fee based on the estimated cost of delay or inconvenience to the road user.  Fees cover the time the contractor occupies or obstructs part of the roadway. 

Like A + B bidding, the amount of total lane rental charges a contractor proposes for a projects can be combined with the cost for the work items to determine the successful bidder.

Rental Fees

The contract states rental fee rates in dollars per lane per time period - daily, hourly or fractions of an hour.  Rental fee rates are dependent on the number and type of lanes closed and may vary for different hours of the day for a project.


  • Encourages contractors to schedule work to minimize traffic restrictions in duration and lane closures
  • Ideal for projects that significantly affect traveling public
  • Useful in major urban-area projects and rural projects with flagging operations


Requires additional effort to monitor lane closure times