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Construction Tools - Project Controls

MnDOT methods for project control, assessing contract time during construction, plus guidelines on innovative contracting techniques.

Determining Contract Time


Without an accurate and justifiable determination of contract time, a project may incur unnecessary delays to motorists and increased construction and administration costs.


Here are techniques that designers and construction project managers can use to develop accurate contract time: 


Standard Projects

Consider using the following methods to determine contract time on projects that are not highly complex:


Contract Time Spreadsheet

MnDOT Memo on Determining Contract Time

MnDOT Special Provision Boilerplates

Standard Production Rates


Complex Projects
Consider using Critical Path Method schedule software and techniques to determine contract time and construction impacts.  Use CPM schedule on complex projects of $10 million or more.


Contact MnDOT's Project Controls Engineer at 651/366-4236


Innovative Contracting
You may want to use innovative contracting techniques to decrease contract time and impacts to road users.  Innovative contracting techniques can also be used to improve quality through the implementation of warranty and pay for performance specifications.