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Contract Changes - Design-build
How to make contract changes on design-build projects

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Design-build contract changes

Change Order


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Design-build Contract Changes

Design-build Contract Changes
Changes in design-build projects require a different process from contract changes for design-bid-build projects.  For design-build contract changes, follow the approval process.

All changes are made with a change order.  Depending on the type of changes, you will follow a level 1 or level 2 approval process.

Level One Approvals
Use level one for changes that do no affect contract value, completion date or significant contractual terms.  Some examples of level one changes:

  • Revised method of measurement
  • Document unacceptable work or materials
  • Document incentive payments
  • Substitution of materials or methods or equipment
  • Alterations in scope of work (no time or costs added)
  • Document increased or decreased quantities
  • Minor adjustments to special provisions and specifications
  • Clarifications to contract language

Level Two Approvals
Use level two for changes to contract value, completion date or significant contractual terms. Some examples of level two changes:

  • Changes in work
  • Significant alterations to special provisions and specifications
  • Changes in contract time
  • Revisions to the pavement structural section
  • Major revisions to geometric design
  • Incorporations of alternative technical concepts from other teams