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Construction Tools - Contract Changes
Methods used to modify construction contracts
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Claims submittals


Contract changes


Design-bid-build forms

Change Order
Work Order/MEW


Supplemental Agreement

Part A
Part B


Sample Language

Change Order
Work Order/MEW
Supplemental Agreement


Design-build forms

Part A
Part B


Design-Build Partnering Sample Language
(to add professional partnering facilitator for project already let)

CO level 2 Part A
CO level 2 Part B


Design Build Partnering Sample Language

Part A

Part B





Sample Language - Change Orders


Change Order Language

Download the applicable Change Order form listed on the left side of this page, and paste the sample language available from the links below. Replace (information placeholders) in the sample with information that applies to your situation.


Situation When to Use Payment
Incentive/Disincentive Payment Contractor has earned an incentive/disincentive payment by Contract Per provisions
Change Method of Measurement Document change from Contract measurement unit to alternate measurement unit.  Pay at original Contract unit price.
Change Material Used Document substitution of material. 

Unit price cannot be negotiated.

Change (P) Quantity Document changes to (P) quantity either by calculation or actual measurement.  Unit price cannot be negotiated.
Liquidated Damages Document Waiver or Assessment of Liquidated Damages Not applicable
Revision of Working Days When Engineer agrees to revise W.D. assessment per 1806.3 Not applicable
1706 Safety Violation

Document monetary deductions for safety violations

Per provisions