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Construction Tools, Contract Changes

Methods used to modify construction contacts

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Contract Change Methods

Check the Contract Changes Section (PDF) of the Contract Administration Manual for design-build project changes. Also check design-build guidelines. See the Contract Changes Decision Tree (PDF).

Contract Changes Review and Submittal

Send completed Contract Changes Submittal Checklist (Word) and Contract Change Documents to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

Construction Cost Support

Send Equipment Rate Approval worksheet (Excel) and information for negotiated price approvals to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

FHWA Participation Guidelines

Supplemental Agreement (SA)

Supplemental Agreements document:

  • Design or Contract Specification changes.
  • Major Design or Contract Specification errors/ambituities
  • Any extra work valued at $50,000 or more
  • Changes to Contract Time, including Change in start date, Change in completion date, and number of working days allowed.

Work Order - Minor Extra Work (WO-MEW)

A WO-MEW is allowed for extra work, needed to complete the contract as let, which has a value less than $50,000.

Change Order (CO)

Change Orders document adjustments or minor plan changes allowed by Contract Specifications:

  • Unacceptable work (1512)
  • Revision of measurement method (1901.11)
  • Waiver of liquidated damages (1807.2)
  • Incentives/disincentives
  • Other payments specified in contract