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Methods used to modify construction contacts

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Contract Changes - AASHTOWare™

For Contracts administered in AASHTOWare (all contracts let October 28, 2016 and later), all contract changes are Change Orders.

Contract Change Methods

Check the Contract Changes Section (PDF) of the Contract Administration Manual for design-build project changes. Also check design-build guidelines. See the Contract Changes Decision Tree (PDF).

Contract Changes Review and Submittal

Send completed Contract Changes Submittal Checklist (Word) and Contract Change Documents to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

Construction Cost Support

For recent projects send 2018-2020 Equipment Rate Request Form (xls) for project dates prior to 2018 use the 2011-2017 Equipment Rate Request Form (xls) and information for negotiated price approvals to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

FHWA Participation Guidelines

Supplemental Agreement (SA)

*Effective July 11, 2017 Justification/Recommendation letters are no longer required for SA's.

Supplemental Agreements document:

  • Design or Contract Specification changes.
  • Major Design or Contract Specification errors/ambituities
  • Any extra work valued at $50,000 or more
  • Changes to Contract Time, including Change in start date, Change in completion date, and number of working days allowed.

Work Order - Minor Extra Work (WO-MEW)

A WO-MEW is allowed for extra work, needed to complete the contract as let, which has a value less than $50,000.

Change Order (CO)

Change Orders document adjustments or minor plan changes allowed by Contract Specifications:

  • Unacceptable work (1512)
  • Revision of measurement method (1901.11)
  • Waiver of liquidated damages (1807.2)
  • Incentives/disincentives
  • Other payments specified in contract

Contract Change Support contact info: