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Innovative Contracting - New Technology
New construction technology and field innovations that can reduce contract time and extend the life of Mn/DOT's roadways

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Innovative Contracting


Report 2000-2005

Innovative contracting staff

New Technology


Precast Concrete Pavements

Mn/DOT uses precast concrete panels to reduce construction time. 

 Initial Construction Report

   Year One Evaluation

Precast Slab Span Bridge Systems

Mn/DOT has used precast slab spans to reduce construction time and minimize environmental impacts.

Intelligent Compaction

Intelligent compactors use precise, computer-aided methods to ensure compaction of grading soils and aggregate base materials meet Mn/DOT standards.

Machine Control
Machine control incorporates 3-D computer-generated models into earthmoving equipment.  The equipment uses these models in conjunction with GPS data to determine roadway grading requirements.