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Construction Tools, Change Order

Change Orders document adjustments or minor plan changes allowed by Contract Specifications

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Change Order

Change Orders document adjustments or minor plan changes allowed by Contract Specifications:

  • Unacceptable work
  • Revision of measurement method 1901.11 (contractor must agree to any change and conversion factors)
  • Waiver of liquidated damages in accordance with 1807.2
  • Incentives/disincentives
  • Other payments specified in contract

You cannot negotiate costs for Change Orders, you may use following:

  • Costs specified in the Contract
  • Deducts for 1512.1 (2) unacceptable work allowed to remain in place
    • Per specification; or
    • Per special provision; or
    • Per recommendation of specialty office


Change Order Form


Change Order Process



Responsible Entity




Recognize need for Change Order

  • 1901.11 Change in Method of Measurement
  • 1512 .1 Unacceptable Work allowed to remain in Place
    • Document basis of acceptance
    • Document basis of payment
  • 1605 Substitution of Materials
  • 1806.3 Revision of Working Days (assessments on WD statements)


  • 1805 Substitution of methods or equipment
  • 1807.2 Waive Liquidated Damages
  • 1901.1 Revision of (P) Quantities
  • Document incentive/disincentive payments
  • Document Monetary Deductions
    • Time
    • Material Failures
  • Document final pay quantities for landscape items



Consult with specialty offices for 1512.1 and 1605 items above



Write Change Order*



Obtain Signatures:

  • Contractor (optional, except):
    • 1901.11
  • ADE
  • Local Agency (if funded wholly or in-part by local agency)
  • DSAE (if state-aid project)


District Construction Staff

Create Backsheet in proper area of FieldOps
Document and make payment entries into FieldOps

Sample Language



When to Use


Incentive/Disincentive Payment

Document incentive/disincentive payments/assessments allowed by Contract

Per Standard Specification or Special Provision

Substitution of Material (1605)

Document Material substitutions

Original Contract Unit Price

Safety Violations (1706)

Document safety violations and associated monetary deductions

Per Special Provisions

Revision of Working Days (WD)

When revising WD assessments on previous WD statements

No Payment

Liquidate Damages/Monetary Deductions (time related)

Document assessment or waiver of LDs/MDs

Per 1807 and Contract Special Provisions

Change (P) quantity (1901.1)

Document changes to (P) quantities

Original Contract Unit Price

Change in Method of Measurement (1901.11)

Document change in method of measurement

Original Contract Unit Price