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See AASHTOWare Change Orders to determine appropriate change document.

*Effective July 11, 2017 Justification/Recommendation letters are no longer required for Change Order Level 3.

Contract Changes Review and Submittal

Send completed Contract Changes Submittal Checklist (Word) and Contract Change Documents to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

Construction Cost Support

Send Equipment Rate Approval worksheet (Excel) and information for negotiated price approvals to ContractChanges-Enc@state.mn.us.

FHWA Participation Guidelines

Sample Agreements

Description Documents
CO - Terminology Revision 1103 CO (docx)
1605 Substitution of Material 1605 Substitution of Material (docx)
2041 OJT Trainee Hours 2041 OJT Trainee Hours (docx)
Bituminous Incentives

2366 & 2399 Bit Incentive (docx)



Labor Compliance Wage Decision Change Wage Rates Change Order (docx)
Labor Compliance Special Provisions Change Special Provisions Change Order (docx)

Contract Change Support contact info: