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Change Order Process and Guidelines (docx)

*Effective July 11, 2017 Justification/Recommendation letters are no longer required for Change Order Level 3.

Contract Changes Submittal Checklist (Word)

Equipment Rate Approval worksheet (Excel)

FHWA Participation Guidelines

Sample Agreements

Description Documents
CO - Terminology Revision 1103 CO (docx)
1605 Substitution of Material 1605 Substitution of Material (docx)
2041 OJT Trainee Hours 2041 OJT Trainee Hours (docx)
Bituminous Incentives 2366 & 2399 Bit Incentive (docx)
Contract Time Inclement Weather Inclement Weather (docx)
Labor Compliance Wage Decision Change Wage Rates Change Order (docx)
Labor Compliance Special Provisions Change Special Provisions Change Order (docx)

Contract Change Support contact info: