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Contract Changes

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Field Ops/CMS Contract Changes

Contract Administration Manual (CAM)

Change Order (CO)

Change Orders document adjustments or minor plan changes allowed by Contract Specifications:

  • Unacceptable work (1512)
  • Revision of measurement method (1901.11)
  • Waiver of liquidated damages (1807.2)
  • Incentives/disincentives
  • Other payments specified in contract

Supplemental Agreement (SA)

There are two types of Supplemental Agreements (SA). Which one you use depends on the urgency of getting the supplemental work started.

SA Types and Forms

  • Standard SA (Word) - use when there is time to execute the SA, get the appropriate original signatures and encumber funds before beginning work. 

SA Part A and Part B - use when work needs to be authorized quickly.

  • Part A SA (Word): Work can start sooner since this method allows simpler language while also encumbering money.
  • Part B SA (Word): Must be written within 45 days after execution of Part A (some exclusions apply). Needs more details and a justification letter.

Work Order - Minor Extra Work (WO-MEW)

A WO-MEW (Word) is allowed for extra work, needed to complete the contract as let, which has a value less than $50,000.