Awarded Projects - Sorted by County on 08/20/12

Sp No.CountyPrime ContractorDistrict
  Test Cj07
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  Test Cj07
  Test Cj07
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  Test Cj07
8809-325 Surface Preparation Technologies Inc07
8809-326 Penhall Company Dba/ Highway Services In04
8816-1125 Cy-con IncorporatedME
8816-1244 Cy-con Incorporated06
8816-1245 Cy-con Incorporated01
8816-1246 Cy-con IncorporatedME
8816-776 H & R Const CoME
8821-103 Hardrives Inc01
8821-111 Polyphase Electric Co01
8821-112 H & R Const Co01
8821-113 Bauerly Bros Inc01
8821-115 Kgm Contractors, Inc.01
8821-116 H & R Const Co01
8821-142 Fahrner Asphalt Sealers Inc.01
8821-145 Progressive Contractors Inc01
8821-148 M.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.01
8821-151 Pci Roads Llc01
8821-153 Kgm Contractors, Inc.01
8821-157 Ulland Brothers Inc01
8821-159 Hovland, Inc.01
8821-162 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation01
8821-165 Kgm Contractors, Inc.01
8821-167 Progressive Contractors Inc01
8821-171 Astech Corp01
8821-174 Polyphase Electric Co Dba/ Measaba Elect01
8821-175 Century Fence Company01
8821-176 Kgm Contractors, Inc.01
8821-177 Ulland Brothers Inc01
8821-178 Ulland Brothers Inc01
8821-181 Kgm Contractors, Inc.01
8821-184 Hawkinson Construction Company, Inc01
8821-186 Mo Diggin Inc01
8821-188 Northland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
8821-192 Century Fence Company01
8821-193 Design Electric Inc01
8821-196 Century Fence Company01
8821-198 R.h. Grover Tree Service Llc01
8821-199 Hovland, Inc.01
8821-202 Century Fence Company01
8821-205 Ulland Brothers Inc01
8821-206 Hovland Inc01
8821-207 Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, Llc01
8821-217 Fahrner Asphalt Sealers Llc01
8821-219 Northland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
8821-220 Safety Signs Llc01
8821-221 Fahrner Asphalt Sealers Llc01
8821-222 Ulland Brothers Inc01
8821-71 Interstate Sealant & Concrete Inc.01
8822-105 Century Fence Company02
8822-107 A & H Contracting Llc02
8822-108 Design Electric Inc02
8822-110 Minn-dak Asphalt Inc02
8822-124 Aaa Striping Service Company02
8822-136 Scott Construction Inc02
8822-33 H & R Const Co02
8822-61 Midwest Concrete Specialties, Inc.02
8822-62 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation02
8822-71 Northern Paving Inc02
8822-73 Century Fence Co02
8822-74 Central Specialties, Inc02
8822-82 Astech Corp02
8822-83 Astech Corp02
8822-85 Design Electric Inc02
8822-94 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.02
8822-95 H & R Const Co02
8823-100 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-101 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-103 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-104 Lyle Signs, Inc03
8823-105 Strata Corporation03
8823-106 Mattison Contractors Inc03
8823-116 Astech Corp03
8823-117 Pearson Bros. Inc03
8823-119 Clint's Excavating, Llc03
8823-120 Astech Corp03
8823-123 H & R Const Co03
8823-134 Hoffman & Mcnamara Co03
8823-135 Anderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
8823-138 Astech Corp03
8823-142 Century Fence Company03
8823-143 Design Electric Inc03
8823-145 Design Electric Inc03
8823-147 A & H Contracting Llc03
8823-156 Century Fence Company03
8823-159 Pearson Bros. Inc03
8823-171 H & R Const Co03
8823-238 Egan Company Inc03
8823-240 Astech Corp03
8823-241 Astech Corp03
8823-244 Astech Corp03
8823-248 Safety Signs Llc03
8823-253 Anderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
8823-255 Astech Corp03
8823-257 Knife River Corporation-north Central03
8823-258 Astech Corp03
8823-261 Astech Corp03
8823-262 Astech Corp03
8823-83 Hawkinson Const Co Inc03
8823-84 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-85 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-86 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-89 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8823-90 Ballou Construction Co. Inc.03
8823-99 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation03
8824-100 Central Specialties, Inc04
8824-50 Swanston Equipment Company04
8824-55 Morris Sealcoat & Trucking, Inc.04
8824-57 H & R Const Co04
8824-59 Pci Roads Llc04
8824-63 Knish Corporation04
8824-66 Morris Sealcoat & Trucking, Inc.04
8824-73 Central Specialties, Inc04
8824-74 Design Electric Inc04
8824-75 Traffic Marking Service Inc04
8824-76 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.04
8824-77 Aaa Striping Service Company04
8824-78 Mark Sand & Gravel Co.04
8824-79 H & R Const Co04
8824-82 Traffic Marking Service Inc04
8824-84 Swanston Equipment Company04
8824-87 Central Specialties, Inc04
8824-88 Astech Corp04
8824-89 Central Specialties, Inc04
8824-90 Interstate Improvement Inc04
8824-94 Astech Corp04
8824-9477 Rainbow Inc04
8824-97 Mark Sand & Gravel Co.04
8824-98 Morris Sealcoat & Trucking, Inc.04
8825-101 H & R Const CoMW
8825-113 H & R Const CoME
8825-184 Tower Asphalt IncME
8825-191 Polyphase Electric CoME
8825-207 H & R Const CoME
8825-208 Killmer Electric Co IncME
8825-209 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.ME
8825-210 Polyphase Electric CoMW
8825-211 CollisysMW
8825-216 Progressive Contractors IncME
8825-221 H & R Const CoME
8825-231 Knish CorporationME
8825-232 United Rentals Highway TechnologiesME
8825-235 Century Fence CoMW
8825-237 Egan Company IncME
8825-241 Granite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
8825-242 CollisysMW
8825-243 CollisysMW
8825-247 CollisysMW
8825-251 H & R Const CoME
8825-256 Knish CorporationME
8825-274 Asphalt Surface Technologies CorporationME
8825-277 Parsons Electric LlcMW
8825-279 Progressive Contractors IncMW
8825-280 United Rentals Highway TechnologiesME
8825-281 Scott Transportation Inc.ME
8825-282 Astech CorpME
8825-283 CollisysMW
8825-296 Highway Technologies IncME
8825-302 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.ME
8825-303 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.ME
8825-305 Global Specialty Contractors, IncMW
8825-306 H & R Const CoME
8825-308 Thomas & Sons Construction, IncMW
8825-310 Global Specialty Contractors, IncME
8825-313 Egan Companies IncME
8825-314 Egan CompanyMW
8825-315 Granite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
8825-316 Egan CompanyME
8825-317 Highway Technologies IncMW
8825-336 Park Construction CoME
8825-337 Valley Paving IncME
8825-338 Highway Technologies IncMW
8825-343 Forest Lake ContractingME
8825-345 Mp Nexlevel, LlcMW
8825-348 Egan CompanyME
8825-352 Aaa Striping Service CoME
8825-356 Egan CompanyMW
8825-358 Aaa Striping Service CoMW
8825-359 Mattison Contractors, Inc.ME
8825-361 Highway Technologies IncMW
8825-369 New Look Contracting IncMW
8825-373 Aaa Striping Service CompanyMW
8825-377 Forest Lake Contracting IncME
8825-378 Astech CorpMW
8825-379 Astech CorpMW
8825-385 Interstate Improvement IncMW
8825-386 H & R Const CoMW
8825-393 Thomas & Sons Construction, IncMW
8825-408 Killmer Electric Company IncME
8825-410 Interstate Improvement IncME
8825-412 Hardrives, IncME
8825-413 Astech CorpMW
8825-417 Mp Nexlevel, LlcME
8825-420 Ti-zack Concrete IncMW
8825-427 Egan CompanyMW
8825-431 Interstate Improvement IncMW
8825-432 Astech CorpMW
8825-433 Astech CorpMW
8826-104 Ti-zack Concrete Inc06
8826-105 Scott Construction Inc06
8826-111 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-116 Ti-zack Concrete Inc06
8826-117 Astech Corp06
8826-118 Ti-zack Concrete Inc06
8826-119 Century Fence Company06
8826-122 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-125 Mankato Electric Inc06
8826-39 Century Fence Company06
8826-40 Valley Paving Inc06
8826-43 Mankato Electric Inc06
8826-44 H & R Const Co06
8826-51 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation06
8826-52 Knish Corporation06
8826-53 Knish Corporation06
8826-54 Swanston Equipment Company06
8826-58 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-61 A & H Contracting Llc06
8826-62 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.06
8826-63 Mankato Electric Inc06
8826-64 Mankato Electric Inc06
8826-66 Mattison Contractors, Inc.06
8826-67 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-68 Mattison Contractors, Inc.06
8826-69 Global Specialty Contractors, Inc06
8826-70 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-71 A & H Contracting Llc06
8826-72 Mankato Electric Inc06
8826-73 B.h. Heselton Company06
8826-74 Ti-zack Concrete Inc06
8826-75 Park Construction Co06
8826-76 Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, Llc06
8826-78 Interstate Improvement Inc06
8826-79 Aaa Striping Service Company06
8826-82 Highway Technologies Inc06
8826-83 Mattison Contractors Inc06
8826-86 H & R Const Co06
8826-87 Webster Grading Inc Dba/ Rud Excavating06
8827-102 Interstate Improvement Inc07
8827-104 Mankato Electric Inc07
8827-115 H & R Const Co07
8827-117 Ellingson Drainage Inc07
8827-119 Century Fence Company07
8827-122 Century Fence Company07
8827-130 Century Fence Company07
8827-132 H & R Const Co07
8827-139 Highway Technologies Inc07
8827-141 Highway Technologies Inc07
8827-144 Knife River Corporation-north Central07
8827-145 Knife River Corporation-north Central07
8827-148 Highway Technologies Inc07
8827-151 Global Specialty Contractors, Inc07
8827-153 Mankato Electric Inc07
8827-154 H & R Const Co07
8827-159 Safety Signs Llc07
8827-166 Hoffman & Mcnamara Co07
8827-173 M & R Paving & Excavation07
8827-68 Knish Corporation07
8827-74 H & R Const Co07
8827-76 Forby Contracting Inc07
8827-78 Bergman Companies Inc07
8827-80 Progressive Contractors Inc07
8827-83 H & R Const Co07
8827-85 American Pavement Solutions, Inc.07
8827-87 Prairie Restorations Inc07
8827-88 Highway Technologies Inc07
8828-100 Swanston Equipment Company08
8828-101 H & R Const Co08
8828-102 Design Electric Inc08
8828-103 Aaa Striping Service Company08
8828-107 Forby Contracting Inc08
8828-110 Astech Corp08
8828-112 H & R Const Co08
8828-113 Pearson Bros Inc08
8828-117 Highway Technologies Inc08
8828-118 Mankato Electric Inc08
8828-119 H & R Const Co08
8828-121 Highway Technologies Inc08
8828-125 H & R Const Co08
8828-127 Highway Technologies Inc08
8828-128 Mankato Electric Inc08
8828-129 Mankato Electric Inc08
8828-130 H & R Const Co08
8828-135 Knife River Corporation-north Central08
8828-136 Knife River Corporation-north Central08
8828-76 H & R Const Co08
8828-77 H & R Const Co08
8828-91 Cy-con Incorporated08
8828-95 Affordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.08
8828-97 Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation08
8828-98 Mankato Electric Inc08
8901-03 Kanza Construction07
9905-06 Urban Companies LlcME
0102-23AitkinLandwehr Construction, Inc03
0105-11AitkinCentral Specialties, Inc01
0111-25AitkinHawkinson Const Co Inc01
0112-47AitkinHardrives, Inc01
0115-40AitkinAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
0115-41AitkinLandwehr Construction, Inc03
0115-43AitkinConcrete Idea Inc03
0121-28AitkinNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
0202-80AnokaBauerly Bros IncMW
0202-88AnokaNorth Valley Inc.MW
0202-91AnokaH & R Const CoMW
0202-92AnokaPci Roads, LlcMW
0205-81AnokaPark Construction CoMW
0205-84AnokaHardrives IncME
0205-89AnokaNorth Valley Inc.MW
0205-98AnokaTi - Zack Concrete IncMW
0206-61AnokaNew Look Contracting IncMW
0207-101AnokaEgan CompanyMW
0207-80AnokaAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.MW
0207-88AnokaCollins Electrical Construction CoME
0207-89AnokaGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
0207-90AnokaMunicipal Construction Inc.MW
0207-93AnokaGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
0207-94AnokaCollins Electrical Construction CompanyMW
0207-95AnokaHardrives, IncMW
0208-116AnokaBauerly Bros IncMW
0208-121AnokaS.r. Weidema Inc.MW
0208-123AnokaC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.MW
0208-132AnokaForest Lake Contracting IncMW
0208-140AnokaUrban Companies LlcMW
0208-146AnokaC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncMW
0214-41AnokaValley Paving IncME
0215-63AnokaForest Lake Contracting IncMW
0215-64AnokaForest Lake Contracting IncMW
0215-67AnokaAmes Construction, IncMW
0215-69AnokaCrowley CompanyMW
0215-70AnokaH & R Const CoMW
0217-24AnokaMp Nexlevel, LlcMW
0280-54AnokaMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
0280-57AnokaVeit & Company, Inc.ME
0280-58AnokaGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
0280-59AnokaEgan CompaniesME
0280-64AnokaPci Roads, LlcME
0280-65AnokaGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
0282-26AnokaEgan Company IncME
0282-28AnokaH & R Const CoME
0282-30AnokaCollins Electrical Const CoME
0282-34AnokaPci Roads LlcMW
0282-35AnokaWoyda & Mortel IncME
0283-25AnokaGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
0283-26AnokaHardrives IncME
0285-64AnokaNorth Valley Inc.MW
0301-47BeckerHoffman Construction Co Inc04
0301-48BeckerCentral Specialties, Inc04
0301-54BeckerStrata Corporation04
0301-55BeckerMidwest Contracting Llc04
0301-56BeckerCentral Specialties, Inc04
0301-58BeckerKnife River Materials04
0302-64BeckerLunda Construction Co04
0302-68BeckerFeldt Plumbing, L.p.04
0302-69BeckerM.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.04
0302-72BeckerCentral Specialties, Inc04
0303-62BeckerCentral Specialties, Inc04
0305-29BeckerCentral Specialties, Inc04
0401-11BeltramiMark Sand & Gravel Co.02
0402-05BeltramiMark Sand & Gravel Co.02
0404-23BeltramiReierson Construction Inc02
0406-54BeltramiNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
0406-57BeltramiH & R Const Co02
0406-58BeltramiLunda Construction Co02
0408-26BeltramiAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
0409-12BeltramiKnife River Materials02
0409-15BeltramiNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
0409-16BeltramiKnife River Materials02
0410-45BeltramiNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
0413-31BeltramiNorthstar Materials Inc02
0413-33BeltramiKnife River Materials02
0414-23BeltramiKnife River Materials02
0415-18BeltramiNorthern Paving Inc02
0415-19BeltramiKnife River Materials02
0416-34BeltramiUlland Brothers Inc02
0416-42BeltramiKnish Corporation02
0501-27BentonHardrives, Inc03
0502-104BentonAstech Corp03
0502-95BentonBauerly Bros Inc03
0502-99BentonKnife River Corporation-north Central03
0503-05008ABentonPdm Bridge, Llc03
0503-73014ABentonIndustrial Steel Construction Inc03
0503-75BentonHoffman Construction Co Inc03
0503-78BentonLunda Construction Co03
0503-79BentonClint's Excavating, Llc03
0503-81BentonRainbow, Inc03
0503-82BentonEdward Kraemer & Sons Inc03
0503-83BentonCreative Services Of Mn Ltd03
0504-17BentonHighway Technologies Inc03
0505-24BentonHardrives Inc03
0506-10BentonDuininck Brothers, Inc03
0601-09Big StoneCentral Specialties, Inc04
0602-24Big StoneDuininck, Inc04
0603-11Big StoneCentral Specialties, Inc04
0604-21Big StoneCentral Specialties, Inc04
0604-22Big StoneBituminous Paving Inc04
0608-35Big StoneCentral Specialties, Inc04
0609-26Big StoneCentral Specialties, Inc04
0704-81Blue EarthSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
0705-19Blue EarthOmg Midwest Inc Dba/southern Minnesota C07
0705-22Blue EarthHoltmeier Construction Inc07
0706-113Blue EarthHoltmeier Construction Inc07
0706-26Blue EarthUlland Brothers Inc07
0706-27Blue EarthKnife River Corporation-north Central07
0707-85Blue EarthMathiowetz Construction Co07
0707-86Blue EarthHoltmeier Construction Inc07
0708-32Blue EarthSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
0708-35Blue EarthCentral Specialties, Inc07
0709-18Blue EarthNiles - Wiese Construction Co. Inc.07
0710-29Blue EarthCentral Specialties, Inc07
0711-26Blue EarthKnife River Corporation-north Central07
0711-27Blue EarthHoltmeier Construction Inc07
0712-112Blue EarthHoltmeier Construction Inc07
0715-38Blue EarthOmg Midwest Inc Dba/southern Minnesota C07
0801-31BrownDuininck, Inc07
0802-39BrownCentral Specialties, Inc07
0803-34BrownBauerly Bros Inc07
0804-82BrownMankato Electric Inc07
0804-9200BrownProgressive Contractors Inc07
0809-10BrownSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
0809-12BrownRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc07
0905-52CarltonHardrives, Inc01
0912-28CarltonTri City Paving Inc01
0915-29CarltonNorthland Materials, Llc Northland Bitu01
0915-30CarltonAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.01
0916-11CarltonNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
0916-16CarltonUlland Brothers Inc01
0980-137CarltonHoffman Construction Co Inc01
0980-138CarltonShafer Contracting Co Inc01
0980-139CarltonShafer Contracting Co Inc01
0980-140CarltonCrowley Company Inc01
0980-141CarltonWoyda & Mortel Inc01
0980-142CarltonH & R Const Co01
0980-144CarltonKgm Contractors, Inc.01
0980-146CarltonRedstone Construction Company Inc01
0980-9469CarltonRedstone Const Co Inc01
1000-09CarverVeit & Company, Inc.MW
1002-80CarverPci Roads LlcMW
1002-84CarverMankato Electric IncMW
1002-89CarverS M Hentges & Sons IncMW
1003-28CarverKnife River Corporation-north Central08
1004-28CarverGreg Urban \ Dba Urban CompaniesMW
1008-64CarverSundblad Construction IncMW
1008-65CarverMankato Electric IncMW
1008-66CarverWm Mueller & Sons IncMW
1009-16CarverS M Hentges & Sons IncMW
1009-19CarverWm Mueller & Sons IncMW
1009-21CarverBituminous Roadways IncMW
1012-21CarverDuininck Brothers, Inc08
1013-80CarverKnife River Corporation-north CentralMW
1013-87CarverChard Tiling & Excavating, IncMW
1013-88CarverHardrives, IncMW
1014-11CarverKnife River Corporation-north CentralMW
1014-16CarverM.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.MW
1014-18CarverChard Tiling & Excavating, IncMW
1017-16CarverWoyda & Mortel IncMW
1017-17CarverHoffman & Mcnamara CoMW
1103-25CassAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1105-08CassAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
1110-10CassTri City Paving Inc03
1111-14CassGladen Construction, Inc03
1112-09CassNorthstar Mat'ls Incdba/knife River Mate02
1116-26CassKnife River Materials03
1202-48ChippewaDuininck Brothers, Inc08
1202-51ChippewaDuininck Brothers, Inc08
1203-18ChippewaDuininck Brothers, Inc08
1204-19ChippewaC.p.r. Contractors, Inc.08
1206-89ChippewaCentral Specialties, Inc08
1211-18ChippewaForby Contracting Inc08
1212-30ChippewaDuininck, Inc08
1213-10ChippewaDuininck Brothers, Inc08
1301-100ChisagoMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
1301-108ChisagoHardrives, IncMW
1301-113ChisagoHardrives, IncME
1301-91ChisagoShafer Contracting Co IncME
1301-98ChisagoLandwehr Construction, IncME
1302-19ChisagoForest Lake Contracting IncME
1305-21ChisagoMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
1306-35ChisagoHardrives IncME
1306-38ChisagoDresel Contracting IncME
1307-20ChisagoHardrives Inc03
1308-21ChisagoNorth Valley Inc.ME
1310-12ChisagoGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
1310-13ChisagoFahrner Asphalt Sealers, LlcME
1380-63ChisagoValley Paving IncME
1380-67ChisagoForest Lake Contracting IncME
1380-74ChisagoKnife River Corporation-north CentralME
1380-75ChisagoWoyda & Mortel IncME
1380-77ChisagoKnife River Corporation-north CentralME
1401-137ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1401-139ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1401-142ClayKnife River Materials04
1401-165ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1401-170ClayStrata Corporation04
1402-17ClayH & R Const Co04
1403-24ClayMark Sand & Gravel Co.04
1404-15ClayRiley Bros Construction Inc04
1404-18ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1406-61ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1406-68ClayFargo Electric Construction Inc04
1410-15ClayKnife River Materials04
1413-05ClayHoffman & Mcnamara Co04
1480-141ClayKnife River Materials04
1480-142ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1480-150ClayLawntech Inc04
1480-151ClayPci Roads Llc04
1480-153ClayEngineering & Construction Innovations,04
1480-154ClayAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.04
1480-156ClayK & L Landscape & Construction Inc04
1480-157ClayRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc04
1480-159ClayNorthern Improvement Co04
1480-162ClayCentral Specialties, Inc04
1501-12ClearwaterRed Lake Builders Inc02
1505-22ClearwaterProgressive Contractors Inc02
1505-23ClearwaterKnife River Materials02
1506-37ClearwaterKnife River Materials02
1508-07ClearwaterNorthstar Mat'ls Incdba/knife River Mate02
1601-48CookKgm Contractors, Inc.01
1601-63CookKgm Contractors, Inc.01
1603-45CookUlland Brothers Inc01
1605-5923BCookRainbow Inc01
1701-25CottonwoodKnife River Corporation-north Central08
1702-10CottonwoodMidwest Contracting Llc07
1703-67CottonwoodInterstate Improvement Inc07
1704-26CottonwoodKnife River Corporation-north Central07
1705-11CottonwoodDuininck, Inc07
1707-19CottonwoodKnish Corporation07
1801-19Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1802-48Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1803-35Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1804-53Crow WingEnvironmental Associates Inc03
1804-54Crow WingPark Construction Co03
1805-71Crow WingKnife River Corporation-north Central03
1805-73Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1808-24Crow WingCentral Specialties, Inc03
1810-95Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1810-96Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1810-98Crow WingAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
1814-02Crow WingTri City Paving Inc03
1901-150DakotaValley Paving IncME
1901-152DakotaCollins Electrical Construction CoMW
1901-153DakotaWebster Grading Inc. Dba/ Rud ExcavatingME
1901-154DakotaPci Roads LlcME
1901-156DakotaEgan CompanyMW
1901-159DakotaCrowley Company IncME
1901-168DakotaValley Paving IncME
1902-52DakotaVeit & Company, Inc.ME
1902-56DakotaGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsME
1903-06DakotaValley Paving IncME
1903-07DakotaSafety Signs LlcME
1903-08DakotaAstech CorpMW
1904-26DakotaAstech CorpME
1905-30DakotaMunicipal Construction Inc.ME
1905-31DakotaValley Paving IncME
1905-32DakotaLunda Construction CoME
1906-48DakotaAmes Construction, IncME
1906-55DakotaRachel Contracting, LlcME
1906-58DakotaCedar Ridge Landscaping IncMW
1907-65DakotaHoffman & Mcnamara CoME
1907-68DakotaCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
1907-73DakotaMax Steininger Inc.MW
1907-99BDakotaTotal Construction & Equipment, Inc.ME
1908-73DakotaRidgedale Elect IncME
1908-81DakotaEgan CompanyME
1910-42DakotaMidwest Contracting LlcME
1910-43DakotaValley Paving IncME
1911-21DakotaAsphalt Surface Technologies CorporationMW
1912-54DakotaCollins Electrical Construction CoME
1912-55DakotaEgan Company IncME
1912-56DakotaEgan Company IncME
1912-57DakotaEgan CompanyME
1913-66DakotaHardrives, IncME
1913-69DakotaAce Blacktop IncME
1913-99ADakotaNeisens Paving & Excavating IncME
1917-40DakotaValley Paving IncME
1917-43DakotaMcnamara Contracting IncME
1918-102DakotaC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncME
1921-83DakotaMcnamara Contracting IncME
1921-87DakotaMeyer Contracting IncME
1923-11DakotaEureka Construction IncME
1925-44DakotaProgressive Contractors IncME
1925-53DakotaPci Roads LlcME
1926-20DakotaAstech CorpME
1928-48DakotaValley Paving IncME
1928-52DakotaEureka Construction IncME
1928-53DakotaCollins Electrical Construction CoME
1928-55DakotaPci Roads LlcME
1928-56DakotaUrban Companies LlcME
1928-64DakotaHardrives, IncME
1929-43DakotaH & R Const CoME
1980-74DakotaRainbow IncME
1980-76DakotaEgan CompanyME
1980-77DakotaGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
1981-102DakotaMax Steininger Inc.ME
1981-108DakotaEureka Construction IncME
1981-110DakotaAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.ME
1981-111DakotaHighway Technologies IncME
1981-112DakotaVeit & Company, Inc.MW
1981-114DakotaValley Paving IncMW
1981-115DakotaAbhe & Svoboda IncMW
1981-117DakotaValley Paving IncMW
1981-120DakotaValley Paving IncMW
1981-123DakotaVeit & Company, Inc.MW
1982-136DakotaValley Paving IncMW
1982-142DakotaEngineering & Construction Innovations,ME
1982-143DakotaVeit & Company, Inc.ME
1982-148DakotaGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsME
1982-150DakotaHardrives, IncME
1982-156DakotaValley Paving IncME
1982-159DakotaRosti Construction Co Of Mn IncME
1985-131DakotaPeoples Electric Company, IncME
1985-132DakotaLunda Construction CoME
1985-133DakotaValley Paving IncME
1985-140DakotaHardrives, IncMW
1986-33DakotaCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
1986-37DakotaValley Paving IncMW
2001-31DodgeCrane Creek Asphalt(div Of Mathy Constru06
2001-33DodgeKnish Corporation06
2001-34DodgeWebster Grading Inc Dba/ Rud Excavating06
2002-32DodgeC.p.r. Contractors, Inc.06
2003-12DodgeRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy06
2005-24DodgeRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2006-21DodgeRochester Sand & Gravel Div Mathy Const06
2006-26DodgeConcrete Foundations Inc06
2006-27DodgeRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2007-36DodgeRochester Sand & Gravel Div Mathy Const06
2007-6861DodgeTarpon Industrial Inc06
2007-6862DodgeRainbow Inc06
2008-06DodgeCrane Creek Asphalt/div Of Mathy Constru06
2101-23DouglasGranite Ledge Electrical Contractors04
2102-54DouglasCentral Specialties, Inc04
2102-60DouglasTri City Paving Inc04
2102-61DouglasNorthstar Safety Inc04
2103-36DouglasDuininck, Inc04
2107-09DouglasCentral Specialties, Inc04
2110-09DouglasCentral Specialties, Inc04
2180-21815ADouglasRainbow, Inc04
2180-90DouglasDiamond Surface Inc04
2180-96DouglasHardrives Inc04
2180-97DouglasRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc04
2180-99DouglasNationwide Fence & Supply Company04
2203-23FaribaultUlland Brothers Inc07
2203-25FaribaultMidwest Contracting Inc07
2208-41FaribaultProgressive Contractors Inc07
2212-27FaribaultUlland Brothers Inc07
2212-28FaribaultUlland Brothers Inc07
2280-122FaribaultDuininck Brothers, Inc07
2280-126FaribaultC.p.r. Contractors, Inc.07
2280-128FaribaultEllingson Drainage Inc07
2304-46FillmoreWebster Grading Inc. Dba/ Rud Excavating06
2304-47FillmoreDunn Blacktop Company06
2304-6662AFillmoreRainbow, Inc06
2305-21FillmoreMinnowa Construction Inc06
2305-24FillmoreDunn Blacktop Co (div. Mathy Const. Co.06
2305-25FillmoreWebster Grading Inc. Dba/ Rud Excavating06
2305-26FillmoreFahrner Asphalt Sealers, Llc06
2306-21FillmoreWebster Grading Inc. Dba/ Rud Excavating06
2306-22FillmoreMinnowa Construction Inc06
2306-23FillmoreDunn Blacktop Company06
2307-18FillmoreDunn Blacktop Company06
2310-33FillmoreHoffman & Mcnamara Co06
2310-34FillmoreEnvironmental Associates Inc06
2311-21FillmoreRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy06
2311-28FillmoreRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2312-14FillmoreUlland Brothers Inc06
2317-10FillmoreRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2401-38FreebornUlland Brothers Inc06
2401-39FreebornUlland Brothers Inc06
2401-40FreebornMinnowa Construction Inc06
2480-103FreebornK & L Landscape & Construction Inc06
2481-24843FreebornRainbow Inc06
2481-50FreebornUlland Brothers Inc06
2481-52FreebornH & R Const Co06
2482-70FreebornUlland Brothers Inc06
2502-23GoodhuePark Construction Co06
2503-30GoodhueRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2505-43GoodhueMankato Electric Inc06
2505-48 - Elk RGoodhueShafer Contracting Co Inc06
2505-49GoodhueInterstate Improvement Inc06
2506-71GoodhueCreative Services Of Mn Ltd06
2509-22GoodhueRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
2510-37GoodhueMinnowa Construction Inc06
2511-39GoodhueMathy Construction Co06
2511-44GoodhueMathy Construction Co06
2511-47GoodhueHeselton Construction Llc06
2512-13GoodhueAsphalt Surface Technologies Corporation06
2513-70GoodhueMinnowa Construction Inc06
2513-85GoodhueMonarch Paving Co \ A Div Of Mathy Const06
2514-118GoodhueWinkels Electric Inc06
2519-05GoodhueCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
2604-06GrantCentral Specialties, Inc04
2680-40GrantInterstate Improvement Inc04
2680-41GrantCentral Specialties, Inc04
2700-46HennepinVeit & Company, Inc.MW
2700-54HennepinEgan Company IncMW
2700-56HennepinPolyphase Electric Co Dba/ Measaba ElectMW
2700-57HennepinH & R Const CoMW
2701-43HennepinBorresen Construction Inc.MW
2704-29HennepinMinger Construction, Inc.MW
2704-30HennepinMankato Electric IncMW
2706-212HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2706-217HennepinKillmer Electric Company IncMW
2706-229HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2710-37HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2713-101HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2713-110HennepinCentury Fence CompanyMW
2713-27009HennepinRainbow IncMW
2713-77HennepinPark Construction CoMW
2713-83HennepinLunda Construction CoMW
2713-85HennepinMathiowetz Construction CoMW
2713-87HennepinSummit Custom Landscaping, Inc.MW
2713-88HennepinHardrives, IncMW
2713-95HennepinUrban Companies LlcMW
2713-98HennepinMattison Contractors, Inc.MW
2713-99IHennepinRachel Contracting, LlcMW
2714-139HennepinProgressive Contractors IncMW
2716-67HennepinPci Roads, LlcME
2722-72HennepinHardrives IncME
2723-115HennepinSunram Const IncMW
2724-99AHennepinVeit & Company, Inc.MW
2725-58HennepinArteka Companies, LlcME
2726-71HennepinConcrete Idea IncMW
2732-95HennepinAstech CorpME
2734-43HennepinC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.MW
2734-44HennepinH & R Const CoMW
2735-180HennepinHoffman & Mcnamara CoMW
2735-190HennepinShafer Contracting Co IncMW
2736-44HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2738-20HennepinProgressive Contractors IncMW
2744-61HennepinRachel Contracting, LlcMW
2744-64HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2748-52HennepinAsphalt Surface Technologies CorporationMW
2748-53HennepinGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncMW
2748-55HennepinC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncMW
2750-57HennepinC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncMW
2750-71HennepinHoffman & Mcnamara CoMW
2750-73HennepinH & R Const CoMW
2750-79HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2751-49HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2755-100HennepinHardrives, IncMW
2755-80HennepinNoble Nursery Retail IncMW
2755-83HennepinKillmer Electric Co IncMW
2755-87HennepinEgan CompaniesMW
2758-66HennepinAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.ME
2758-67HennepinH & R Const CoMW
2758-69HennepinC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncMW
2762-28HennepinHoffman & Mcnamara CoMW
2763-42HennepinNationwide Fence & Supply CompanyMW
2763-44HennepinCrowley Company IncMW
2770-01HennepinDoyle Conner CoMW
2771-31HennepinC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.MW
2771-40HennepinEureka Construction IncMW
2771-99AHennepinNeisens Paving & Excavating IncMW
2771-99BHennepinG Urban Companies IncMW
2772-43HennepinProgressive Contractors IncMW
2772-81HennepinNorth Valley Inc.MW
2772-83HennepinRosti Construction Co Of Mn IncMW
2772-88HennepinEgan Company IncMW
2772-89HennepinMattison Contractors IncMW
2773-03HennepinEgan Company IncMW
2773-05HennepinMax Steininger Inc.MW
2774-20HennepinGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
2774-7264HennepinRainbow IncME
2775-14HennepinEgan Company IncMW
2775-18HennepinLunda Construction CoMW
2776-05HennepinWoyda & Mortel IncMW
2776-07HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2776-101HennepinSafety Signs, LlcMW
2776-99BHennepinVeit & Company, Inc.MW
2776-99CHennepinNerstrand Excavating IncMW
2780-64HennepinInterstate Improvement IncMW
2780-69HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2780-75HennepinShafer Contracting Co IncMW
2780-79HennepinNationwide Fence & Supply CompanyMW
2780-83HennepinCrowley Company IncMW
2781-27003AHennepinGraham Construction Services IncMW
2781-27549AHennepinRainbow, IncMW
2781-27715HennepinRainbow, IncMW
2781-27726BAHennepinProgressive Contractors IncMW
2781-409HennepinMattison Contractors, Inc.MW
2781-414HennepinAmes Construction, IncMW
2781-415HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2781-417HennepinCollins Electrical Construction CoMW
2781-419HennepinRainbow, IncMW
2781-422HennepinRainbow IncMW
2781-427HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2781-434HennepinHighway Technologies IncMW
2781-441HennepinAmes Construction, IncMW
2781-442HennepinPark Construction CoMW
2781-446HennepinGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncMW
2781-449HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2781-9420AHennepinRainbow, IncME
2782-281 part1HennepinAmes/lunda/shafer, (jv)MW
2782-281 part2HennepinAmes/lunda/shafer, (jv)MW
2782-281AHennepinLandwehr Construction, IncMW
2782-281BHennepinM.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.MW
2782-281CHennepinLandwehr Construction, IncMW
2782-281DHennepinLandwehr Construction, IncMW
2782-281EHennepinLandwehr Construction, IncMW
2782-288HennepinAmes Construction, IncMW
2782-294HennepinCedar Ridge Landscaping IncMW
2782-296HennepinAmes Construction, IncMW
2782-300HennepinNew Look Contracting IncMW
2782-304HennepinHonda Electric IncMW
2782-318HennepinGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsMW
2782-322HennepinValley Paving IncMW
2782-323HennepinCedar Ridge Landscaping IncMW
2782-324HennepinEgan Company IncMW
2782-99EHennepinG Urban Companies IncMW
2783-107HennepinProgressive Contractors IncME
2783-110HennepinRainbow IncMW
2783-122HennepinForest Lake ContractingMW
2783-122RHennepinHighway Technologies IncME
2783-126HennepinProgressive Contractors IncME
2783-129HennepinVeit & Company, Inc.MW
2783-133HennepinLametti & Sons, Inc.MW
2783-140HennepinPci Roads LlcMW
2785-339HennepinTillmann Landscape-nursery, Inc.MW
2785-340HennepinWoyda & Mortel IncMW
2785-346HennepinAsphalt Surface Technologies CorporationMW
2785-353HennepinProgressive Contractors IncME
2785-355HennepinSunram Const IncME
2785-357HennepinA & G Investments IncMW
2785-362HennepinC.s. Mccrossan Construction IncMW
2785-364HennepinAmes Construction, IncMW
2785-390HennepinHardrives, IncMW
2785-392HennepinStreet Smart Rental IncMW
2786-125HennepinA & G Investments IncMW
2789-124HennepinGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncMW
2789-125HennepinH & R Const CoMW
2789-126HennepinEgan Companies Inc. Dba\egan-mckay ElecMW
2789-134HennepinShafer Contracting Co IncME
2789-140Hennepin Sunram Construction, Inc.MW
2801-80HoustonMathy Construction Co06
2801-84HoustonMinnowa Construction Inc06
2801-86HoustonAmerican Pavement Solutions, Inc.06
2803-29HoustonMathy Construction Co06
2804-33HoustonMathy Construction Co06
2805-66HoustonMathy Construction Co06
2805-68HoustonElcor Construction, Inc06
2806-13HoustonMathy Construction Co06
2807-21HoustonMinnowa Construction Inc06
2901-18HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2902-39HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2903-10HubbardMidwest Contracting Llc02
2903-11HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2904-16HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2904-17HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2905-31HubbardAstech Corp02
2906-17HubbardNorthstar Mat'ls Incdba/knife River Mate02
2909-15HubbardCentral Specialties, Inc02
2913-13HubbardAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
3001-24IsantiMidwest Contracting Llc03
3003-45IsantiKnife River Corporation-north Central03
3004-57IsantiMidwest Contracting Llc03
3006-34IsantiDesign Electric Inc03
3006-35IsantiRedstone Const Co Inc03
3007-33IsantiKnife River Corporation-north Central03
3010-23IsantiKnife River Corporation-north Central03
3101-34ItascaHawkinson Construction Company, Inc02
3102-44ItascaAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
3103-61ItascaHawkinson Const Co Inc01
3103-63ItascaPci Roads, Llc01
3104-51ItascaHammerlund Construction Inc01
3104-59ItascaHawkinson Construction Company, Inc01
3107-45ItascaCasper Construction Inc02
3108-71ItascaHammarlund Nursery Inc01
3108-72ItascaHawkinson Const Co Inc01
3109-39ItascaHawkinson Const Co Inc02
3110-12ItascaRedstone Const Co Inc01
3112-34ItascaNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
3115-126ItascaTi-zack Concrete Inc01
3115-51ItascaHammerlund Construction Inc01
3115-70ItascaHawkinson Construction Company, Inc01
3116-106ItascaHoffman Construction Co Inc01
3116-132ItascaUlland Brothers Inc01
3116-134ItascaNoble Nursery Retail Inc01
3116-135ItascaHammerlund Construction Inc01
3204-64JacksonKnife River Corporation-north Central07
3280-113JacksonSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
3280-114JacksonOmg Midwest Inc Dba/southern Minnesota C07
3280-115JacksonMclaughlin & Schulz Inc07
3306-13KanabecKnife River Corporation-north Central03
3307-38KanabecRedstone Const Co Inc03
3308-41KanabecHardrives, Inc03
3309-13KanabecMidwest Contracting Llc03
3309-14KanabecAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
3310-11KanabecKnife River Corporation-north Central01
3311-09KanabecHardrives, Inc03
3311-10KanabecRedstone Const Co Inc03
3402-19KandiyohiCentral Specialties, Inc08
3403-65KandiyohiDuininck Brothers, Inc08
3403-67KandiyohiDuininck, Inc08
3404-54KandiyohiAbbco Grooving, Llc.08
3405-40KandiyohiDuininck Brothers, Inc08
3407-22KandiyohiDuininck, Inc08
3408-13KandiyohiKnife River Corporation-north Central08
3408-15KandiyohiKgm Contractors, Inc.08
3412-71KandiyohiH & R Const Co08
3413-40KandiyohiGranite Ledge Electrical Contractors08
3416-05KandiyohiCentral Specialties, Inc04
3419-08KandiyohiDuininck, Inc08
3503-12KittsonNorthern Paving Inc02
3504-10KittsonKnife River Materials02
3507-12KittsonSwingen Construction Co02
3507-14KittsonRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc02
3507-35010AKittsonEgger Steel Co02
3508-24KittsonDavidson Construction, Inc.02
3508-26KittsonDavidson Construction Inc02
3509-21KittsonSwingen Construction Co02
3512-35007BKittsonWanzek Construction Inc02
3513-11KittsonMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
3515-14KittsonMidwest Contracting Llc02
3516-18KittsonMinn-dak Asphalt, Inc.02
3604-66KoochichingMidwest Contracting Llc02
3604-69KoochichingKnife River Materials02
3604-71KoochichingKgm Contractors, Inc.02
3604-72KoochichingGladen Construction, Inc02
3605-39KoochichingBowman Asphalt Products Inc01
3606-54KoochichingRedstone Construction Company Inc01
3609-25KoochichingRobert R Schroeder Const Co01
3609-36025AKoochichingEgger Steel Co01
3609-39KoochichingMinnowa Construction Inc01
3610-16KoochichingNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
3611-34KoochichingHawkinson Construction Company, Inc02
3612-21KoochichingKgm Contractors, Inc.01
3614-21KoochichingBowman Construction Inc01
3701-22Lac Qui ParleDuininck Brothers, Inc08
3701-25Lac Qui ParleBituminous Paving Inc08
3801-13LakeUlland Brothers Inc01
3801-18LakeKgm Contractors, Inc.01
3804-57LakeNorthland Material, Llc Northland Bitum01
3805-101LakePci Roads Llc01
3805-97LakeEngineering & Construction Innovations,01
3805-98LakeDiamond Surface Inc01
3806-60LakeKgm Contractors, Inc.01
3807-57LakeLawntech Inc01
3901-39Lake Of The WoodsMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
3901-42Lake Of The WoodsMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
3902-21Lake Of The WoodsRobert R Schroeder Const Co02
3902-25Lake Of The WoodsGladen Construction, Inc02
3903-28Lake Of The WoodsKnife River Materials02
4002-45Le SueurProgressive Contractors Inc07
4002-48Le SueurHeselton Construction Llc07
4003-20Le SueurKillmer Electric Co IncMW
4003-21Le SueurChard Tiling & Excavating, Inc07
4007-07Le SueurCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
4008-4930ALe SueurRainbow, Inc07
4009-14Le SueurCrane Creek Asphalt(div Of Mathy Constru07
4011-24Le SueurCrane Creek Asphalt(div Of Mathy Constru07
4012-33Le SueurRehnelt Excavating Llc07
4013-50Le SueurC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.07
4013-51Le SueurSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
4102-24LincolnDuininck Brothers, Inc08
4106-21LincolnCentral Specialties, Inc08
4107-18LincolnKnife River Corporation-north Central08
4202-25LyonDuininck Brothers, Inc08
4203-40LyonR & G Construction Co08
4203-42LyonPci Roads, Llc08
4203-46LyonShafer Contracting Co Inc08
4205-35LyonR & G Construction Co08
4205-37LyonTi-zack Concrete Inc08
4208-52LyonCentral Specialties, Inc08
4208-55LyonC.p.r. Contractors Inc08
4209-24LyonMclaughlin & Schulz Inc08
4210-38LyonMidwest Contracting Llc08
4211-12LyonCentral Specialties, Inc08
4405-26MahnomenCentral Specialties, Inc04
4407-12MahnomenNorthern Paving Inc02
4501-40MarshallMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
4501-42MarshallNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
4501-44MarshallMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
4502-20MarshallKnife River Materials02
4507-48MarshallKnife River Materials02
4507-50MarshallMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
4508-24MarshallMidwest Contracting Llc02
4508-25MarshallDavidson Construction, Inc.02
4508-26MarshallAsphalt Surface Technologies Corporation02
4508-27MarshallKnife River Materials02
4511-16MarshallIndustrial Builders Inc02
4511-17MarshallMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
4603-42MartinOmg Midwest Inc Dba/southern Minnesota C07
4603-44MartinMathiowetz Construction Co07
4302-44Mc LeodC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.08
4305-24Mc LeodMathiowetz Construction Co08
4306-15Mc LeodWm Mueller & Sons Inc07
4309-31Mc LeodKnife River Corporation-north Central08
4701-25MeekerDuininck, Inc08
4701-26MeekerKnife River Corporation-north Central08
4701-28MeekerDesign Electric Inc08
4711-20MeekerRobert R Schroeder Const Co08
4711-20CMeekerRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc06
4712-17MeekerKnife River Corporation-north Central03
4801-20Mille LacsRedstone Const Co Inc03
4803-19Mille LacsAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
4810-17Mille LacsLunda Construction Co03
4811-65Mille LacsHardrives Inc03
4812-75Mille LacsWoyda & Mortel Inc03
4812-79Mille LacsShafer Contracting Co Inc03
4901-74MorrisonHardrives, Inc03
4902-56MorrisonLunda Construction Co03
4902-61MorrisonRedstone Construction Company Inc03
4903-65MorrisonGranite Ledge Electrical Contr.03
4903-67MorrisonAstech Corp03
4904-39MorrisonKnife River Corporation-north Central03
4905-34MorrisonLunda Construction Co03
4907-05MorrisonRedstone Construction Company Inc03
4911-14MorrisonKnife River Corporation-north Central03
4913-21MorrisonLunda Construction Co03
5004-17MowerUlland Brothers Inc06
5007-25MowerMinnowa Construction Inc06
5007-31MowerCrane Creek Asphalt/div Of Mathy Constru06
5008-30MowerUlland Brothers Inc06
5009-31MowerNietz Electric Inc06
5080-144MowerH & R Const Co06
5080-146MowerProgressive Contractors Inc06
5080-152MowerUlland Brothers Inc06
5080-155MowerInterstate Improvement Inc06
5080-157MowerRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5080-158MowerInterstate Improvement Inc06
5203-85NicolletMathiowetz Construction Co07
5204-112NicolletCentral Specialties, Inc07
5204-25NicolletCentral Specialties, Inc07
5205-32NicolletWm Mueller & Sons Inc07
5211-48NicolletSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
5212-26NicolletCentral Specialties, Inc07
5305-53008NoblesLunda Construction Co07
5305-53008ANoblesLe Jeune Steel Company07
5305-55NoblesMathiowetz Construction Co07
5305-56NoblesMathiowetz Construction Co07
5305-57NoblesJ & R Larson Grounds Maintenance Llc07
5305-58NoblesR & G Construction Co07
5305-59NoblesR & G Construction Co07
5305-62NoblesMclaughlin & Schulz Inc07
5305-64NoblesJay & Alan Jeppesen / Dba Jeppesen Grave07
5305-67NoblesCreative Services Of Mn Ltd07
5307-28NoblesKnife River Corporation-north Central07
5380-115NoblesPci Roads, Llc07
5380-116NoblesCentral Specialties, Inc07
5380-118NoblesDuininck Brothers, Inc07
5380-123NoblesDuininck, Inc07
5380-124NoblesInterstate Improvement Inc07
5380-126NoblesDuininck, Inc07
54-999-23NormanNorthstar Materials Inc02
5402-06NormanNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
5404-25NormanRobert R Schroeder Const Co02
5405-05NormanKnife River Materials02
5406-16NormanNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
5408-28NormanR. L. Larson Excavating Inc02
5409-26NormanThe Spruce Valley Corp02
5409-27NormanAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
5409-28NormanRobert R Schroeder Const Co02
5410-19NormanThe Spruce Valley Corporation02
5501-35OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5502-73OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5503-39OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel Div Mathy Const06
5505-24OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel Div Mathy Const06
5507-57OlmstedH & R Const Co06
5507-58OlmstedMinnowa Construction Inc06
5508-110OlmstedPark Construction Co06
5508-116OlmstedCedar Ridge Landscaping Inc06
5508-119OlmstedCreative Services Of Mn Ltd06
5509-71OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel Div Mathy Const06
5509-72OlmstedRoad Constructors Inc06
5509-74OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5509-75OlmstedElcor Construction Inc06
5510-77OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5512-09OlmstedLametti & Sons, Inc.06
5580-86OlmstedRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
5601-31Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5601-32Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5602-21Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5602-22Otter TailMark Sand & Gravel Co.04
5603-10Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5607-42Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5607-56021AOtter TailRainbow, Inc04
5609-09Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5618-112Otter TailHough Inc04
5618-26Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5623-30Otter TailMinn-dak Asphalt Inc04
5623-32Otter TailKnife River Corporation-north Central04
5625-11Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5625-14Otter TailRiley Bros Construction Inc04
5625-16Otter TailCentral Specialties, Inc04
5680-123Otter TailR. L. Larson Excavating Inc04
5680-125Otter TailMankato Electric Inc04
5703-42PenningtonNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
5703-43PenningtonMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
5703-44PenningtonMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
5801-18PineBauerly Bros Inc01
5802-22PineKnife River Corporation-north Central01
5810-6278PineRedstone Construction Company Inc01
5811-11PineMidwest Contracting Llc01
5880-169PineHardrives Inc01
5880-173PinePci Roads Llc01
5880-178PineH & R Const Co01
5880-179PineRedstone Construction Company Inc01
5880-187PineHardrives, Inc01
5880-58811PinePci Roads Llc01
6001-52PolkNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
6001-57PolkNorthern Paving Inc02
6002-60PolkNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
6002-69PolkKnife River Materials02
6002-70PolkOpp Construction, Llc02
6004-19PolkNorthstar Mat'ls Incdba/knife River Mate02
6004-22PolkMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
6005-55PolkNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
6009-13PolkNorthstar Materials, Inc.02
6010-26PolkAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.02
6011-27PolkDavidson Construction Inc02
6012-44PolkKnife River Materials02
6014-16PolkKnife River Materials02
6016-37PolkMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
6101-03PopeDuininck, Inc04
6104-11PopeAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.04
6105-20PopeCentral Specialties, Inc04
6105-25PopeRobert R Schroeder Construction Inc04
6107-13PopeRiley Bros Construction Inc04
6110-19PopeCentral Specialties, Inc04
6111-23PopeRiley Bros Construction Inc04
6112-10PopeRiley Bros Construction Inc04
6201-84RamseyMidwest Asphalt CorporationMW
6205-36RamseyGranite Ledge Electrical Contr.ME
6211-101RamseyAstech CorpME
6211-88RamseyWoyda & Mortel IncME
6211-99ARamseyC & H Excavating Inc.ME
6212-159RamseyPeoples Electric Company, IncME
6212-160RamseyMp Nexlevel, LlcME
6212-163RamseyNationwide Fence & Supply CompanyME
6212-164RamseyLametti & Sons, Inc.ME
6215-62011ARamseyProgressive Contractors IncME
6215-90RamseyPci Roads LlcME
6215-91RamseyHardrives, IncME
6216-116RamseyCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
6216-122RamseyTower Asphalt IncME
6217-90381RamseyPci Roads, LlcME
6220-69RamseyValley Paving IncME
6220-70RamseyHoffman & Mcnamara CoME
6220-77RamseyNew Look Contracting IncMW
6222-158RamseyValley Paving IncME
6222-160RamseyEdward Kraemer & Sons IncME
6222-161RamseyHardrives, IncME
6222-164RamseyKeller Fence Co Inc.ME
6222-165RamseyValley Paving IncME
6225-10RamseyValley Paving IncME
6227-57RamseyValley Paving IncME
6227-63RamseyElectrical Installation & Maint. CoME
6227-65RamseyGranite Ledge Electrical ContractorsME
6227-70RamseyLunda Construction CoME
6241-51RamseyLunda Construction CoME
6241-56RamseyAmes Construction, IncME
6241-57RRamseyValley Paving IncME
6241-59RamseyVeit & Company, Inc.ME
6241-60RamseyWoyda & Mortel IncME
6242-70RamseyForest Lake ContractingME
6243-14RamseyMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
6244-30RamseyLunda Construction CoME
6244-35RamseyPark Construction CoME
6244-99ARamseyCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
6280-304RamseyShafer Contracting Co IncME
6280-319RamseyHoffman & Mcnamara CoME
6280-320RamseyTower Asphalt IncME
6280-332RamseyProgressive Contractors IncME
6280-346RamseyH & R Const CoME
6280-353RamseyLunda Construction CoME
6280-354RamseyWoyda & Mortel IncME
6280-355RamseyWoyda & Mortel IncME
6280-356RamseyLametti & Sons, Inc.ME
6280-359RamseyHardrives, IncMW
6280-363RamseyGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
6280-365RamseyHighway Technologies IncME
6280-366RamseyValley Paving IncMW
6280-62912ARamseyLametti & Sons, Inc.ME
6281-24RamseyPci Roads LlcME
6282-187RamseyHardrives, IncMW
6282-193RamseyHighway Technologies IncMW
6282-202RamseyEdward Kraemer & Sons IncMW
6282-62809RamseyEdward Kraemer & Sons IncME
6283-170RamseyShafer Contracting Co IncME
6283-172RamseyVersacon IncMW
6284-136RamseyMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
6284-140RamseyForest Lake Contracting IncME
6284-144RamseyForest Lake Contracting IncME
6284-145RamseyValley Paving IncMW
6284-154RamseyRachel Contracting, LlcME
6284-159RamseyLunda Construction CoMW
6285-135RamseyShafer Contracting Co IncMW
6285-136RamseyInterstate Improvement IncME
6285-142RamseyLunda Construction CoMW
6285-145RamseyCentury Fence CompanyMW
6285-150RamseyPci Roads LlcMW
6286-56RamseyPci Roads LlcME
6403-31RedwoodEnvironmental Associates Inc08
6404-35RedwoodMclaughlin & Schulz Inc08
6407-28RedwoodR & G Construction Co08
6407-30RedwoodCentral Specialties, Inc08
6408-10RedwoodKnife River Corporation-north Central08
6508-34RenvilleCentral Specialties, Inc08
6509-26RenvilleForby Contracting Inc08
6510-59RenvilleDuininck Brothers, Inc08
6510-60RenvilleDuininck Brothers, Inc08
6511-37RenvilleDuininck Brothers, Inc08
6602-25RiceCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
6602-29RiceCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
6605-35RiceB.h. Heselton Company06
6606-34RiceMinnowa Construction Inc06
6607-42RiceAmes Construction, Inc06
6607-45RiceBuffalo Bituminous, Inc06
6612-91RiceSummit Custom Landscaping, Inc.06
6612-95RiceLunda Construction Co06
6613-25RiceEgan Companies06
6614-26RiceCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
6680-102RiceGlobal Specialty Contractors, Inc06
6680-106RiceCrowley Company Inc06
6680-108RiceInterstate Improvement Inc06
6680-98RiceCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
6680-99RiceKnish Corporation06
6703-23RockPci Roads Llc07
6706-13RockDuininck, Inc07
6780-103RockK & L Landscape & Construction Inc07
6802-28RoseauKnife River Materials02
6803-41RoseauR & Q Trucking Inc02
6806-20RoseauMinn-dak Asphalt, Inc.02
6807-17RoseauMinn-dak Asphalt Inc02
6809-17RoseauPci Roads Llc02
7000-06ScottWickenhauser Excavating, Inc.MW
7000-07ScottEdward Kraemer & Sons IncMW
7002-43ScottG. F. Jedlicki IncMW
7002-44ScottMidwest Asphalt CorporationMW
7003-12ScottChard Tiling & Excavating, IncMW
7005-83ScottAstech CorpMW
7005-89ScottGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncMW
7008-105ScottChard Tiling & Excavating, IncMW
7008-51ScottChard Tiling & Excavating, IncMW
7008-54ScottCedar Ridge Landscaping IncMW
7009-67ScottMinnesota Dirt Works IncMW
7011-26ScottAsphalt Surface Technologies CorporationMW
7013-03ScottBituminous Roadways Inc07
7101-62SherburneAstech CorpMW
7102-115SherburneBauerly Bros Inc03
7102-119SherburneProgressive Contractors Inc03
7102-120SherburneHardrives, Inc03
7102-122SherburnePci Roads Llc03
7102-126SherburneLandwehr Construction, Inc03
7103-51SherburneShafer Contracting Co Inc03
7104-19SherburneKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7104-21SherburneKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7106-76SherburneCrowley Company Inc03
7106-79SherburnePci Roads Llc03
7106-80SherburnePci Roads Llc03
7106-82SherburneKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7108-6557SherburneLandwehr Construction, Inc03
7109-06SherburneHardrives, Inc03
7206-29SibleySouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
7208-33SibleyTi-zack Concrete Inc07
7212-13SibleyMathiowetz Construction Co07
7213-11SibleyChard Tiling & Excavating, Inc07
6901-27St. LouisRedstone Const Co Inc01
6902-23St. LouisRedstone Const Co Inc01
6907-41St. LouisHawkinson Construction Company, Inc01
6908-56St. LouisHardrives Inc01
6910-86St. LouisUlland Brothers Inc01
6910-87St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6910-88St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6910-90St. LouisPortable Barge Service Inc01
6913-32St. LouisHoover Construction Co01
6915-129St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6915-131St. LouisM.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.01
6915-132St. LouisWoyda & Mortel Inc01
6916-102St. LouisPci Roads, Llc01
6916-103St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6916-99St. LouisShafer Contracting Co Inc01
6917-127St. LouisUlland Brothers Inc01
6920-45St. LouisKgm Contractors, Inc.01
6920-49St. LouisUlland Brothers Inc01
6920-50St. LouisKgm Contractors, Inc.01
6920-51St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6925-127St. LouisArrowhead 35 Constructors Llc01
6925-129St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6925-88548St. LouisSteven H Young Dba/ Apex Mechanical Plum01
6928-24St. LouisRedstone Construction Company Inc01
6933-88St. LouisHardrives Inc01
6934-113St. LouisKgm Contractors, Inc.01
6934-114St. LouisPci Roads, Llc01
6936-17St. LouisUlland Brothers Inc01
6937-69100CSt. LouisPiasecki Steel Construction Corp01
6939-18St. LouisLunda Construction Co01
6947-49St. LouisHibbing Excavating, Inc.01
6981-24St. LouisRainbow, Inc01
6981-9030HSt. LouisThe D.s. Brown Company01
6982-286St. LouisPci Roads Llc01
6982-293St. LouisNorthland Constructors Of Duluth, Llc01
6982-297St. LouisGraybar Electric Co Inc01
6982-298St. LouisHardrives, Inc01
7303-45StearnsKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7303-46StearnsKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7303-47StearnsHardrives, Inc03
7304-15StearnsCreative Services Of Mn Ltd08
7305-114StearnsHardrives Inc03
7305-115StearnsR. L. Larson Excavating Inc03
7306-93StearnsLandwehr Construction, Inc03
7306-93AStearnsDesign Electric Inc03
7306-95StearnsKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7318-36StearnsRobert R Schroeder Const Co03
7318-37StearnsPci Roads Llc03
7319-35StearnsHardrives Inc03
7319-36StearnsGranite Ledge Electrical Contractors03
7321-47StearnsLandwehr Construction, Inc03
7322-06StearnsHardrives Inc03
7326-13StearnsRobert R Schroeder Const Co03
7326-14StearnsHardrives, Inc03
7380-218StearnsSwanston Equipment Company03
7380-219StearnsH & R Const Co03
7380-220StearnsH & R Const Co03
7380-221StearnsH & R Const Co03
7380-222StearnsHardrives, Inc03
7380-224StearnsCrowley Company03
7380-225StearnsH & R Const Co03
7380-226StearnsH & R Const Co03
7380-227StearnsDiamond Surface Inc03
7380-232StearnsLunda Construction Co03
7380-235StearnsRum River Electric Inc03
7380-236StearnsAstech Corp03
7380-238StearnsKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7401-34SteeleMathiowetz Construction Co06
7403-29SteeleCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
7404-09SteeleUlland Brothers Inc06
7408-42SteeleKnish Corporation06
7480-111SteeleMankato Electric Inc06
7480-114SteeleCrane Creek Asphalt Inc06
7480-115SteeleUlland Brothers Inc06
7480-116SteeleTri-county Aggregate, Inc.06
7501-30StevensCentral Specialties, Inc04
7505-21StevensAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.04
7605-39SwiftPci Roads, Llc08
7608-17SwiftCentral Specialties, Inc04
7610-07SwiftRiley Bros Construction Inc04
7701-36ToddAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
7702-42ToddMathiowetz Construction Co03
7702-43ToddHengel Ready Mix & Construction, Inc.03
7702-44ToddKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7703-15ToddKnife River Corporation-north Central03
7901-43WabashaVista Design & Construction, Llc06
7901-44WabashaBergman Companies Inc06
7901-46WabashaCentury Fence Company06
7903-41WabashaLunda Construction Co06
7903-49WabashaMattison Contractors Inc06
7904-39WabashaKnife River Corporation-north Central06
7904-40WabashaMinnowa Construction Inc06
7908-29WabashaRochester Sand & Gravel/ Div Of Mathy Co06
7912-13WabashaPember Companies Inc06
8001-38WadenaAnderson Brothers Construction Co. Inc.03
8001-39WadenaAstech Corp03
8003-29WadenaDuininck Brothers, Inc03
8005-19WadenaCentral Specialties, Inc03
8007-11WadenaLandwehr Construction, Inc03
8101-44WasecaC.s. Mccrossan Construction Inc07
8101-50WasecaCrane Creek Asphalt Inc07
8103-56WasecaJ & R Larson Grounds Maintenance, Llc07
8103-57WasecaCrane Creek Asphalt Inc07
8200-15WashingtonMinnowa Construction IncMW
8201-15WashingtonHardrives IncME
8202-28WashingtonForest Lake Contracting IncME
8205-101WashingtonNoble Nursery Retail IncME
8205-111WashingtonPci Roads LlcME
8205-114WashingtonNoble Nursery Retail IncME
8205-121WashingtonProgressive Contractors IncME
8205-126WashingtonRainbow IncME
8205-127WashingtonGlobal Specialty Contractors, IncME
8205-136WashingtonAaa Striping Service CompanyME
8208-32WashingtonHardrives IncME
8208-33WashingtonTower Asphalt IncME
8209-99AWashingtonM.j. Neisen Asphalt Inc.ME
8210-94WashingtonKnife River Corporation-north CentralME
8210-95WashingtonHardrives, IncME
8211-33WashingtonCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
8212-23WashingtonAstech CorpME
8214-114QWashingtonEnvironmental Associates IncME
8214-141WashingtonLunda Construction CoME
8214-142WashingtonTower Asphalt IncME
8214-145WashingtonValley Paving IncMW
8214-148WashingtonProgressive Contractors IncME
8214-99AWashingtonLandwehr Construction, IncME
8214-99CWashingtonCreative Services Of Mn LtdME
8217-18WashingtonCarl Bolander & Sons CoME
8217-4654EWashingtonEdward Kraemer & Sons IncME
8219-21WashingtonAstech CorpMW
8282-100WashingtonMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
8282-110WashingtonMattison Contractors, Inc.ME
8282-111WashingtonInterstate Improvement IncME
8285-84WashingtonCedar Ridge Landscaping IncME
8285-88WashingtonProgressive Contractors IncME
8285-90WashingtonForest Lake ContractingME
8285-93WashingtonShafer Contracting Co IncME
8285-94WashingtonP C I Roads, LlcME
8285-9775AWashingtonEgger Steel CoME
8286-60WashingtonPark Construction CoME
8286-64WashingtonP C I Roads, LlcME
8286-67WashingtonEgan Company IncME
8302-33WatonwanDuininck, Inc07
8302-35WatonwanSouthern Minnesota Constr Co07
8303-23WatonwanKnife River Corporation-north Central07
8303-43WatonwanKnife River Corporation-north Central07
8308-42WatonwanKnife River Corporation-north Central07
8408-53WilkinCentral Specialties, Inc04
85-999-02WinonaKimball Excavating Inc06
8501-61WinonaDunn Blacktop Company06
8501-63WinonaDunn Blacktop Co (div. Mathy Const. Co.06
8501-67WinonaReilly Construction Co Inc06
8501-68WinonaTi-zack Concrete Inc06
8503-43WinonaMankato Electric Inc06
8504-68WinonaDunn Blacktop Company06
8504-69WinonaHonda Electric Inc06
8504-9045BWinonaTarpon Industrial Inc06
8506-71WinonaMinnowa Construction Inc06
8508-32WinonaMinnowa Construction Inc06
8508-33WinonaDunn Blacktop Co (div. Mathy Const. Co.06
8508-35WinonaRoad Constructors Inc06
8509-15WinonaLunda Construction Co06
8509-85007AWinonaCretex Concrete Products North, Inc.06
8511-09WinonaDunn Blacktop Company06
8580-149WinonaLunda Construction Co06
8580-151WinonaDunn Blacktop Company06
8580-152WinonaPci Roads Llc06
8580-154WinonaDunn Blacktop Company06
8580-155WinonaMathy Construction Co06
8580-156WinonaP C I Roads, Llc06
8580-157WinonaLunda Construction Co06
8602-40WrightPark Construction Co03
8602-44WrightDuininck, Inc03
8602-45WrightGriffin Petroleum Services Inc. Dba/ Gri03
8602-46WrightPark Construction Co03
8605-48WrightHardrives, Inc03
8608-21WrightC. S. Mccrossan Construction, Inc.MW
8611-18WrightKnife River Corporation-north Central03
8611-21WrightRoger Peterson \ Dba Roger Peterson Cons03
8612-11WrightShafer Contracting Co Inc03
8612-17WrightDesign Electric Inc03
8680-142WrightHoffman Construction Co Inc03
8680-148WrightH & R Const Co03
8680-149WrightH & R Const Co03
8680-152WrightHardrives Inc03
8680-156WrightMidwest Asphalt CorporationMW
8680-157WrightProgressive Contractors IncMW
8680-159WrightC.s. Mccrossan Construction Inc03
8680-163WrightPenhall Company03
8680-165WrightC.s. Mccrossan Construction Inc03
8680-166WrightMidstate Reclamation & TruckingMW
8680-168WrightDiamond Surface, Inc03
8680-86817AWrightProgressive Contractors Inc03
8701-35Yellow MedicineAffordable Electric Of Roseau, Inc.08
8701-87009Yellow MedicineC.s. Mccrossan Construction Inc08
8703-22Yellow MedicineR & G Construction Co08