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About District 8


About District 8


MnDOT District 8 initiated and continues to promote the Southwest Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths program. MnDOT District 8 will invest 80 percent of its capital resources over the next 10-years in system preservation. These investments will provide a safe and reliable transportation system. MnDOT District 8 is using Intersection Control Evaluations, spot improvements and proactive / reactive safety investments to address safety concerns.


MnDOT District 8 initiated and funded the Hwy 23 Paynesville Bypass in District 3 in order to improve mobility on Hwy 23 and enhance the area's economy and quality-of-life for residents.

The district is participating with MnDOT’s office of Customer Relations and the Freight and Commerical Vehicle Operations to conduct an assessment of customers’ freight needs from a qualitative perspective. The purpose of this study is to better understand and address the transportation challenges and priorities of Greater Minnesota industries in order to improve operational planning and short-term investment decision making.


MnDOT District 8 has fostered partnerships with our transportation partners to maximize state and local resources. The district and its transportation partners worked together to construct the Hutchinson Area Transportation Services building and the Lincoln County Shop facility and now share these facilities.

The district also has the first MnDOT facility with a wind generator, allowing the facility to provide its own energy.


MnDOT District 8 has empowered its employees by using work-force planning and shared work-team problem solving to help address potential issues and optimize resources for the maximum benefit to taxpayers.


The district encourages the public to voice their support or concerns in the development of state and district long-range plans. District 8 actively engages the Southwest Minnesota Area Transportation Partnership and meets with its partners, business owners and the public in face-to-face meetings to ensure open communication.