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Statewide Initiatives

Greater Minnesota Transit Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Plan 2010-2030 defines the future vision for public transportation across Greater Minnesota and sets forth policies and strategies to meet that vision.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan, developed by MnDOT in 2011, sets priorities for transit investments in scenarios of both expanded and contracted future funding.

Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI)

The VTCLI initiative provided $1.77 million federal DOT grant to improve transportation service information available through the MinnesotaHelp™ Network, Minnesota’s existing  hot line and web resource center for human service information. The funding will purchase hardware and software licenses to expand the MinnesotaHelp Network’s communicaton and information-sharing tools to transportation providers and veterans organizations.

2012 Transit Report: A Guide to Minnesota's Public Transit Systems

The 2012 Transit Report was prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation with assistance from the Metropolitan Council. This report is a guide to Minnesota's public transportation network and resources.


MnDOT District 7 Transit

Nine of District 7’s 13 counties have county-wide transit systems (two are multi-county systems with District 8). The cities of Mankato and North Mankato, and St. Peter and LeSueur have city systems.

Nicollet, Blue Earth, Waseca and LeSueur counties have no public transit (5311) systems. Some of those transit needs are being met through Section 5316 and 5317 grants to VINE — Faith-in-Action of Mankato.

Current Initiatives

  • A re-alignment study for Mankato Transit is completed and includes plans for Bus Rapid Transit and a potential four-county transit system to include: Blue Earth, Nicollet, LeSueur and Waseca counties.
  • Assisting with development of Mankato Transit building project.
  • The city of Mankato received $6.5 million in funding to construct a bus garage at their new Public Works site at the former MnDOT headquarters.
  • Martin County will begin new routes to Jackson and Blue Earth for work trips through the federal Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant program.
  • Working with four counties – Pipestone, Rock, Nobles and Murray – to develop a coordinated route that will provide options for folks in all counties to get to each county daily.  Looking forward to exploring and developing Regional Transit options.
  • Working with the City of St. Peter to develop efficient and functional deviated routes.
  • Working with a new Veteran’s Initiative project (MN  RideLink) to provide communication tools for all transit systems in D7 to accommodate veterans’ transportation needs.

Transit System Highlights (Congressional District 1)

Brown County Heartland Express

  • Surpassed the 1 million passenger trip mark in December 2010.
  • Joined five-member Transit Consortium to obtain a Federal ARRA Grant to purchase and implement ITS software and related equipment.
  • Replaced communications system.

Cottonwood County Transit

  • Successfully merged into Community Transit System operated by Western Community Action, a four-county system.

Faribault County Prairie Express

  • Continued out-of-county services and expanded service hours.

Mankato – Greater Mankato Transit System

  • Completed and implemented an operational redesign of transit system. The success of college routes far surpassed the estimated ridership.
  • Developed a plan and secured $6.5 million in funding for a construction project for the system at the former MnDOT building.

Martin County Transit

  • Implemented dispatching software funded through ARRA.
  • Implemented a JARC route for residents of Martin, Faribault and Jackson Counties.

Prairieland Transit

  • Coordinated with neighboring transit systems to allow Nobles County residents greater access to additional transportation options.
  • Provided 20 routes in Nobles County each week with two Prairieland Transit buses.
  • Made Nobles County Heartland Express bus service available to all 14 communities in Nobles County five times each week.

Transit System Highlights (Congressional Districts 1 and 2)

St. Peter Transit

  • Increased ridership by 7 percent over 2009.
  • Signed new contract with Gustavus Adolphus College to operate “The Gus Bus.”
  • Began exploring the development of a Deviated Route to reduce costs of operation.

Transit System Highlights (Congressional Districts 2 and 7)

Le Sueur Heartland Express

  • Increased ridership by 3% over 2009
  • Installed defibrillators in buses.