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Hwy 14, New Ulm to North Mankato


About the project

A map of Highway 14 from New Ulm to Nicollet, which will be under construction in 2010

Hwy 14 is an Interregional Corridor between New Ulm and Rochester, with this 23-mile segment connecting the regional centers of New Ulm and Mankato-North Mankato. New Ulm has been identified as a destination point for traffic and is an industrial and trucking center.

Average daily traffic ranged from 4,850 to 9,300 in 2011.

While four-lane expansions have been proposed, a safety audit helped identify next steps:

  • An interim safety project for distracted drivers from Nicollet to North Mankato (2012)
  • Four-lane expansion from Nicollet to North Mankato (2017-18)

Preliminary construction estimates for previous proposals to expand this segment of highway to four lanes range from $125 million - $225 million.

Key issues

  • Safety concerns along the corridor, including the intersection of Hwy 14/Hwy 15, skewed intersections with local roads and the presence of numerous public and private accesses.
  • Increasing truck and commuter traffic along the corridor.
  • The need for the highway to serve both local and regional trips in Courtland and Nicollet.