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Hwy 14, Minnesota River Bridge in New Ulm


About the project

A map of Highway 14 from New Ulm to Nicollet, which will be under construction in 2010

This project replaces the existing two-lane bridge with two parallel two-lane bridges and provides a pedestrian crossing over the river. Because this bridge is located in an area where two- and four-lane roadway segments meet, the ramps at the Front Street interchange will be adjusted to allow traffic to flow safely through the area.

The bridge was constructed in 1963 and serves as a key river crossing for the city. The existing bridge is structurally deficient and has a sufficiency rating of 55, with substandard geometrics and safety features.

Project benefits

  • Removes a structurally deficient bridge from the state highway system
  • Expands the river crossing to four lanes of traffic
  • Provides for a safer pedestrian crossing over the river at this location
  • Creates better ramp geometrics at the Front Street interchange to provide a safe transition between the two- and four-lane segments of the highway

Key issues

  • Geotechnical issues with the soils for the east approach, including the likelihood that large quantities of muck will be present
  • Flood issues east of the Hwy 14/Hwy 15 intersection and the possibility of flooding during construction
  • May need acceleration/deceleration lanes on the bridge for Front Street interchange
  • Wetland and floodplain impacts
  • Water quality
  • Trail access through the Front Street interchange and across the four-lane highway
  • Aesthetic treatments for the bridge