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Statewide Initiatives

The State Aviation System Plan (SASP) is a comprehensive 20-year plan guiding the maintenance and development of airports and aviation systems in Minnesota. The 2012 SASP includes a study of scheduled airline service focused on strengthening our connection to the rest of the world, a vision for the future of aviation in Minnesota - including consideration of NextGen technologies - and investment plans for airports and navigational systems. Learn more about our plan.

A key strategy included in the SASP was to evaluate the state’s zoning standards, and consider revisions to appropriately balance public safety and airport compatible development opportunities near airports. To guide this effort, an ad hoc advisory committee was formed to make recommendations and provide key stakeholder input. The primary goals include, streamlining the zoning process for enacting an Airport Safety Zoning ordinance; making it easier for local officials to understand roles; more closely integrating airport zoning with other local zoning and planning processes; and ensuring zones are appropriately sized.  Learn more about airport zoning.

Airport Projects in MnDOT District 7

Airport Project Amount
Blue Earth Reconstruct bituminous on taxiways, Taxilanes and hangar aprons $  403,000
LeSueur Land Acquisition – obstruction removal $  850,000
Luverne Seal Coat and Repair Pavement – Taxiway, Apron & Entrance Rd $  292,000
Mankato Rehab Taxi A, Crack Repair Runway 15/33 & Wildlife Hazard $  527,000
St. James Airfield Lighting Update & Master Plan $  782,000
Worthington Taxiway C Extension $1,104,000
Total   $3,958,000

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Programs

Airport Improvement Program (AIP) – Aviation Trust Fund monies provide grant-in-aid funding for planning, land acquisition, and capital improvement projects at Airports included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS).

Essential Air Service (EAS) – Aviation Trust Fund monies support a minimal number of scheduled airline flights to small communities that otherwise may not be profitable for airlines. To qualify for the program, an airport must have had airline service prior to deregulation in 1978. 

Statewide Programs

Airport Construction Grant Program - State Airport Fund monies are provided in Grant form to state system airports based on a determination that the improvement is a justifiable benefit to the air-traveling public. Grants are issued for a variety of projects including; planning, land acquisition, airfield paving, arrival/departure buildings, maintenance buildings, utilities, aviation fuel facilities, airfield lighting systems and certain qualifying equipment.
Airport Maintenance and Operation Program - State Airport Fund monies are provided in Grant form to state system airports for 3/4s of documented, routine maintenance expenses up to a ceiling amount calculated by airport infrastructure.

Hangar Loan Program - The Hangar Loan Revolving Account can provide a loan to a state system airport for building new hangars. Loans are paid back in equal monthly installments over 10 years. Payment receipts are then loaned out again to other airports needing hangars.

Air Service Marketing Program - State Airport Fund monies may be provided in Grant form to encourage the preservation and expansion of airline service at some airports in Greater Minnesota through marketing strategies. Access to air service in a community is vital for businesses with global markets and as a tool for economic development. Grants may not be used for subsidy payments to airlines.

Learn more about Statewide Airport Programs.