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Statewide Initiatives

Greater Minnesota Transit Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Plan 2010-2030 defines the future vision for public transportation across Greater Minnesota and sets forth policies and strategies to meet that vision.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan, developed by MnDOT in 2011, sets priorities for transit investments in scenarios of both expanded and contracted future funding.

Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI)

The VTCLI  initiative provided $1.77 million federal DOT grant to improve transportation service information available through the MinnesotaHelp™ Network, Minnesota’s existing  hot line and web resource center for human service information. The funding will purchase hardware and software licenses to expand the MinnesotaHelp Network’s communicaton and information-sharing tools to transportation providers and veterans organizations.

2012 Transit Report: A Guide to Minnesota's Public Transit Systems

The 2012 Transit Report was prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation with assistance from the Metropolitan Council. This report is a guide to Minnesota's public transportation network and resources.


MnDOT District 6 Transit

Current initiatives

  • District 6 has more than 50 formal and/or informal Park and Ride locations. MnDOT’s two sites are in Northfield and Dodge Center.
  • District 6 endorses a regional trails group — Southeastern Minnesota Association of Regional Trails. The group is represented by trail advocates, elected officials and public employees. The group’s vision is to pool educational and technical resources; work together to attain political leverage and funding for trail development and maintenance, and create a system for prioritizing projects for funding. Additional information is available at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/bike/smart/.
  • Rochester City Lines, a private, for-profit charter agency, provides commuter routes to and from Rochester (for primarily Mayo employees) in seven of the surrounding counties. RCL opens the service up to others in the service area when room is available.

Congressional District 1 transit system highlights

Albert Lea Transit            

  • Design/Build project for construction of new Transit Garage Facility
  • Collaborated with transit systems in training for RouteMatch softeware

Austin-Mower County Area Transit (AMCAT)

  • Increased ridership by 15 percent while decreasing cost per ride by 3 percent

La Crescent Apple Express

  • Acquired a new medium duty hybrid bus with ARRA funding, which serves La Crescent and Onalaska

Rochester Public Transit-Regular Route

  • Dedication of downtown transit station, which serves over 6,000 passengers per weekday
  • Updated fleet with new low floor buses
  • Completion of new Public Transit Operations Center and Garage Facility
  • Established 3rd party operation within Public Transit Operations Center

Rochester Dial-A-Ride

  • Introduced a new low-floor bus to the dial-a-ride system

SEMCAC Transportation               

  • Increased overall ridership by 9 percent and transit service to pre-school aged riders by 30 percent
  • Partnered with local community education programs to provide transit services for summer activities

Steele County

  • Undertaking a route re-design and launch
  • Established a Transit Advisory Council

Winona Transit Service

  • Increased ridership by almost 10 percent
  • Established route efficiencies

Congressional Districts 1 and 2 transit system highlights

Three Rivers Hiawathaland Transit

  • Construction of Public Transit HUB/Park and Ride in Red Wing
  • Expanded work commute services and increased overall ridership
  • Merged services with the City’s of Faribault and Northfield

Congressional District 1 transit system highlights

Northfield Transit

  • Introduced new service design and route deviated services
  • Transition from city administration to Three Rivers CA in July, 2012