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Hwy 63, South Corridor Preservation Plan


About this plan

MnDOT and several partners are studying Hwy 63 to develop a long-term transportation improvement plan. The plan will include adequate levels of design, engineering and environmental documentation. The study will also analyze a variety of multimodal transportation options.

Hwy 63 is a principal arterial roadway and a high priority interregional corridor that is experiencing increasing traffic volumes.

MnDOT and several partners are proposing improvements that would reconstruct the Hwy 63 and County Road 16 Interchange and the Hwy 63 and I-90 Interchange to improve safety, capacity and roadway geometrics; remove at-grade intersections along Hwy 63 (such as Hwy 30), and consider street improvements that will support Willow Creek and the Rochester International Airport as they continue to grow.