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I-94 Corridor Update


I-94 Corridor update

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Recently completed projects

  • A new 34th Street interchange in Moorhead was constructed in 2011 and closed the Main Avenue/Clay CR 52 ramps. The city of Moorhead and MnDOT worked with FHWA and received the approval to reconstruct and reopen the ramps. The ramps opened in October 2012.
  • The Buffalo River Bridges east of Hwy 336 were rehabilitated.

2013 projects

  • Cable median barriers will be installed along three stretches of I-94 to prevent cross-median crashes. They will be installed near Moorhead (7 miles), Fergus Falls (14 miles) and Alexandria (10 miles).
  • An unbonded overlay project is planned between the Downer exit and the Hwy 34 exit.
  • The Hwy 78 bridge over I-94 (Ashby/Barrett exit) will be rehabilitated.
  • A bridge maintenance and headwall repair project is planned on I-94 south of Ashby over Pelican Creek.

2015/2016 projects

  • A reconstruction project at the Hwy 29 interchange in Alexandria is planned to replace the northbound and southbound Hwy 29 bridges, replace the existing interchange with a new tight diamond interchange and expand Hwy 29 to four lanes south of the interchange for approximately one mile. This project will be designed based on the 2011 Alexandria Area Transportation Study and will be partially funded with Chapter 152 bonds.
  • An interchange reconstruction project at the Hwy 75 interchange in Moorhead is planned. Pedestrian/bicycle improvements will be made as part of the project. An auxiliary lane on eastbound I-94 will be added from Eighth Street to 20th Street to accommodate peak morning and afternoon traffic. The project is based on a corridor study that was completed in June 2008 in cooperation with Fargo-Moorhead Council of Governments, the city of Moorhead and Clay County.
  • Grant County Road 19 bridge over I-94 is planned for rehabilitation.