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Hwy 29 Corridor Update


Hwy 29 Corridor update

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Recently completed projects

  • A mill and inlay project was completed between 8th Avenue and 50th Avenue in Alexandria. The project included accessibility improvements.
  • Mill and overlay projects were completed between Starbuck and Benson and between Douglas County Road 28 and Hwy 55.
  • A bridge was replaced over Outlet Creek in Starbuck.

2014 projects

  • A Complete Streets project between 3rd Avenue and 8th Avenue in Alexandria is planned and will include accessibility improvements and three signal replacements. The project will also include a bike path connecting the Central Lakes Trail with downtown Alexandria.
  • A mill and overlay project between Hwy 210 and McKay Avenue north of Alexandria is planned.
  • A bridge replacement and mill and overlay project between Benson and Hwy 40 is planned. This project will be partially funded with Chapter 152 bonds. Three bridges will be replaced.

2015/2016 project

  • An interchange reconstruction project at the Hwy 29 interchange in Alexandria is planned for 2015/2016. The northbound and southbound Hwy 29 bridges will be replaced, a new tight diamond interchange will replace the existing interchange, and Hwy 29 will be expanded to four lanes south of the interchange for approximately one mile. This project will be designed based on the Alexandria Area Transportation Study that was completed in 2011 and will be partially funded with Chapter 152 bonds.