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Statewide Initiatives

Greater Minnesota Transit Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Plan 2010-2030 defines the future vision for public transportation across Greater Minnesota and sets forth policies and strategies to meet that vision.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan, developed by MnDOT in 2011, sets priorities for transit investments in scenarios of both expanded and contracted future funding.

Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI)

The VTCLI  initiative provided $1.77 million federal DOT grant to improve transportation service information available through the MinnesotaHelp™ Network, Minnesota’s existing  hot line and web resource center for human service information. The funding will purchase hardware and software licenses to expand the MinnesotaHelp Network’s communicaton and information-sharing tools to transportation providers and veterans organizations.

2012 Transit Report: A Guide to Minnesota's Public Transit Systems

The 2012 Transit Report was prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation with assistance from the Metropolitan Council. This report is a guide to Minnesota's public transportation network and resources.


MnDOT District 2 Transit

Of the 11 counties located within MnDOT District 2, all counties have countywide transit services except for Clearwater, where transit service is limited to the City of Bagley.

Current Initiatives

Transit systems within Hubbard County are purchasing service through Paul Bunyan transit to dispatch buses in Park Rapids. This is joint dispatching arrangement has reduced costs while increasing efficiency and ridership.

Congressional District 7 Transit System Highlights

East Grand Forks Transit              

  • Increased ridership by 6 percent.
  • Continued partnership with Northland Technical and Community College of East Grand Forks and Grand Forks.

Far North Public Transit

  • Coordinated with Senior Medical Travel Program to allow clients to use the transit bus whenever possible on shorter trips, which reduced expenses for medical travel.

Fosston Transit

  • Increased ridership and maintained service levels while keeping fares low.

Red Lake Transit              

  • Completed new addition to building for dispatching offices and waiting area.
  • Added two new buses-one gas and one hybrid-to fleet.
  • Implementing new secure digital radio system with GPS and text messaging capability.

Tri-Valley Heartland Express      

  • Operated a successful commuter route between East Grand Forks and Thief River Falls in collaboration with Northland Community and Technical College.
  • Coordinated with the Rural Transportation Collaborative (a volunteer driver system), resulting in lower transportation costs.

Congressional District 8 Transit System Highlights

Hubbard County Heartland Express        

  • Completed AVL equipment installation on all buses.
  • Contracted with Veteran’s Services to provide all veteran medical transportation.
  • Centralized dispatching through Paul Bunyan Transit Call Center.
  • Increased use of city bus service by youth and day care providers.

Paul Bunyan Transit

  • Constructed a new bus garage, with parking for 12 buses, bus wash and mechanics bay.
  • Provide dispatching for  Hubbard County Heartland Express using AVL system.