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Statewide Initiatives

Greater Minnesota Transit Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Plan 2010-2030 defines the future vision for public transportation across Greater Minnesota and sets forth policies and strategies to meet that vision.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan, developed by MnDOT in 2011, sets priorities for transit investments in scenarios of both expanded and contracted future funding.

Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI)

The VTCLI  initiative provided $1.77 million federal DOT grant to improve transportation service information available through the MinnesotaHelp™ Network, Minnesota’s existing  hot line and web resource center for human service information. The funding will purchase hardware and software licenses to expand the MinnesotaHelp Network’s communicaton and information-sharing tools to transportation providers and veterans organizations.

2012 Transit Report: A Guide to Minnesota's Public Transit Systems

The 2012 Transit Report was prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation with assistance from the Metropolitan Council. This report is a guide to Minnesota's public transportation network and resources.


MnDOT District 1 Transit

All of District 1’s eight counties have county-wide transit systems. The cities of Duluth and Hibbing have city-operated transit systems. Some of the district's transit needs are met through other programs, including a program to provide transportation services for elderly persons and persons with disabilities, the Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) program and New Freedom grants that assist individuals with disabilities with transportation, including transportation to and from jobs and employment support services.

Detailed information on District 1’s transit providers can be found at:  http://www.dot.state.mn.us/transit/riders/index.html

Current Initiatives

  • JARC funding provides access to jobs for residents of Lake, St. Louis and Itasca counties through Arrowhead Transit, Rural Rides program and to city of Duluth residents through the Duluth Transit Authority.
  • Ongoing capital improvement projects with the Duluth Transit Authority.

Recent Transit System Highlights (Congressional District 8)

Arrowhead Transit         

  • Added new start public transit in Pine County.
  • Rural Rides (JARC) presented “Challenging Commutes Meet Innovative Solutions” at national conference.

Duluth Transit Authority – Regular Route

  • Surpassed 3 million riders for fourth consecutive year.
  • Produces record ridership on the U-Pass (University) Program.
  • Increased service with new late-night and holiday services.
  • Secured necessary funding to construct a new multimodal downtown Duluth terminal.

Duluth Transit Authority - Stride: Continued upward ridership trend with increased late-night and holiday services.

Hibbing Area Transit: Continued upward ridership with record breaking 55,052 rides in 2012.