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District 1 Overview


District 1 Overview

Enhancing Financial Effectiveness

MnDOT is focused on stretching tax payer dollars while continuing to deliver effective and highly valued products, services and programs. We are using technology, partnerships, performance-based design, contracting methods, etc. to reduce costs, save time and limit impacts to travelers, shippers and businesses to deliver efficient and reliable multimodal transportation. A strategic priority, financial effectiveness is demonstrated by the following programs, among others, at MnDOT District 1.

Patching Methods and Materials

Pavement conditions in Northeastern Minnesota are historically worse than statewide averages.

As such, in 2011 MnDOT District 1 implemented a concentrated effort to use different patching methods and products that have a longer life than traditional cold-mix patching material used for patching potholes.

Several on-going research projects are helping determine the benefit of using different methods and materials for patching potholes.

Early observations indicate the use of alternate methods and materials result in more durable patches, ultimately reducing the number of times that potholes need to be patched.

Today, these durable patching methods have become institutionalized. The benefits of investing more in methods and materials up front include:

  • Cost savings
  • Less disruption to traffic
  • Longer lasting patches
  • Patches that can better withstand the spring freeze-thaw season