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MnDOT CCT Workforce Results and Transparency

The Results and Transparency workgroup is a subcommittee of the MnDOT DBE/Workforce Collaborative that meets on a monthly basis to:

  • review and monitor the projects, workforce goals and progress in hiring women and people of color on highway construction projects and
  • provide consultation and support to contractors and MnDOT as needed when workforce goals are not being met.

Who attends the meetings?

The meetings are open to the public. Participants include stakeholders from different industry groups including:

  • Community representatives
  • Contractors
  • Employment/business advocates
  • Government Agencies
  • Training program representatives
  • Tribal Employment Rights Officers
  • Unions
  • Other industry partners

Any organization or individual committed to increasing people of color and women participation in the highway construction industry may benefit from involvement in the Results and Transparency Workgroup.

How does the CCT select projects for monitoring?

The group identifies key projects based on:

  • greatest potential for employment,
  • areas with significant people of color and female workforces,
  • high dollar value,
  • high profile projects, and
  • other factors.

How does the Results and Transparency workgroup monitor projects?

MNDOT collects the Contractors’ payroll information. On a monthly basis, MnDOT Contract Compliance Specialists (CCS) compile and analyze the payroll data.  The information is formally presented during meetings via a report.

How do I read the report?

  • Workforce Participation Goals are expressed in percentages of the total hours of employment for women and people of color working on the project.
  • Each project has different goals depending on their region, county, and stated commitment based on the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) goals.
  • The report will show the most recent three months of data. Please view past reports for prior months.
  • The green boxes indicate that the contractor is meeting its committed goal and/or the MDHR goal for the project.
  • The red boxes indicate that the contractor is not meeting its committed goal and/or the MDHR goal for the project.
  • Explanation of the headings on the report

Where can I see the report?

Monthly Report Civil Rights Updates
September 2018 Report September 2018 Update
August 2018 Report August 2018 Updates
July 2018 Report July 2018 Updates
June 2018 Report June 2018 Updates
May 2018 Report May 2018 Updates
April 2018 Report April 2018 Updates
March 2018 Report March 2018 Updates
February 2018 Report February 2018 Updates
January 2018 Report January 2018 Updates
November/December 2017 Report November/December 2017 Minutes
October 2017 Report October 2017 Minutes
September 2017 Report September 2017 Minutes
August 2017 Report August 2017 Minutes
July 2017 Report July 2017 Minutes
June 2017 Report June 2017 Minutes
May 2017 Report May 2017 Minutes
April 2017 Report April 2017 Minutes