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MnDOT DBE and Workforce Collaborative

The MnDOT DBE and Workforce Collaborative is a group of stakeholders that is committed to having Disadvantaged Business Enterprise contractors and minority and female workforce participation in the construction industry reflect the demographics of the State of Minnesota.

Who are the members?

Membership in the Collaborative is open to anyone that is committed to the purpose of the Collaborative. The Collaborative is made up of stakeholders from many different industry groups. Some of these include:

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
  • Workforce developers/training program representatives
  • Unions
  • General and sub-contractors
  • MnDOT Civil Rights
  • Other MnDOT professionals
  • Employment/business advocates
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Non-union workforce representatives and contractors
  • Others able to influence the outcome of a project or goal may be invited to specific meetings

What are some of the areas the Collaborative impacts?

Read the recommendations for 2017 (Word) from the members of the 2016 Collaborative.

  • MnDOT Special Provisions relating to small business programs
  • MnDOT Working Capital Loan Fund
  • Targeted Group Business legislation
  • Changes in the On-the-Job Training Program
  • Selection and participation in pilot projects
  • Experimental training programs between unions and community training organizations
  • The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Mentor/Protégé Program

How do I join the collaborative or find out about the meetings?

Any organization or individual committed to increasing minority and female participation in the construction industry who has ideas or suggestions for improvement may benefit from being a part of the group and participating in one of the Collaborative teams.

The full Collaborative group meets five to six times a year. The meetings are open to members of the Collaborative. Visitors interested in learning more about the Collaborative and those interested in membership may attend, but only members are eligible to vote on resolutions during meetings. To join, an individual must:

  1. Be committed to the purpose of the Collaborative
  2. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)
  3. Agree to abide by the norms of the group (Word)

The Collaborative also has teams or work groups who meet during the year to focus on specific areas or projects. Learn more about the Collaborative project teams (Word) and their goals.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about the Collaborative, upcoming meetings, or other information about MnDOT Office of Civil Rights programs and services visit, the Events calendar or contact us.