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About EEO

MnDOT is responsible for ensuring equal opportunity for employment in the construction trades on state and federally funded projects regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status and status with regard to public assistance. The EEO program requires contractors to actively recruit women and minority applicants for employment in accordance with federal and state EEO laws and MnDOT policies. The EEO program requires a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

A team of Contract Compliance Specialists manage the EEO program. They perform in-depth EEO project reviews as required by federal regulation, monitor the implementation of EEO requirements and investigate and resolve EEO concerns on projects. The Contract Compliance Specialists manage the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program and Supportive Services Programs which are administered to recruit, train and place minority and women applicants with highway construction contractors.

The Contract Compliance Specialists work with Tribal Employment Rights Offices, contractors, and MnDOT districts to ensure appropriate application of Tribal sovereignty when highway contracting occurs on Tribal reservations.


Federal On-the-Job Training Program

The Federal Highway Administration OJT policy requires state departments of transportation to establish apprenticeship and training programs targeted to move women, minorities, and disadvantaged persons into journey level positions to ensure that a competent workforce is available to meet highway construction hiring needs, and to address the historical under-representation of members of these groups in highway construction skilled crafts.


National Summer Transportation Institute

Special provisions and forms


MnDOT has established an OJT Program and an OJT Special Provision that has been approved by the FHWA. It is located in the Contract Special Provisions, Division S – Part B, S-41 (2041) On-The-Job Training Program.