HydInfra Inspector Files for Culvert and Storm Drainage System Inspection
Condition rating guide, inspection terms, data dictionaries
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Inspector files

This page includes information used by HydInfra inspectors in the field, using Trimble GPS equipment with TerraSync software. Inspection data is then exported to "hif" format with Pathfinder Office software. HydInfra Condition Rating information is also included.


HydInfra Inspection Manual


Condition Ratings photos slideshow


Data dictionaries

The Terrasync GPS data dictionary "HydInfra 2013" allows Inspectors to use IMPORT files (.imp) to re-inspect existing features (including Pipes, Structures and Special Structures) and to collect new features.


View data dictionaries in text file format:


HydInfra Inspector information



hif export setup instructions


Software needed to transfer Trimble GPS files to PC