HydInfra Data Formatting
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Data formatting

Information and files used to format HydInfra data. Most data collection will be done using Trimble Data Dictionaries and Pathfinder Office hif export setup. This is the preferred option for most conditions. Be aware that Trimble RTK with GTO software does not export easily or directly to the hif format. See the HydInfra Inspector page for information on the hif Export Setup.



HydInfra data can be created a few different ways



HydInfra data fields



Geopak and alternate data formatting

A second file formatting option is available for data entry to the HydInfra database. This ASCII text option allows exported Geopak Drainage project data to be uploaded to the HydInfra database. It may also be used to format data from GPS equipment other than Trimble.




Design-Build project HydInfra requirements