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Data formatting

Ways to create HydInfra data in 2017

  • Trimble GPS with TerraSync (hif format) - used for field inspections
  • ArcPad field inspection
  • Published format - used for highway project design data from Geopak software or GPS data collection not from Trimble units
  • Oracle Forms
  • ArcMap HydInfra Tools - new features, minimal data

HydInfra data fields

Geopak and alternate data formatting

A second file formatting option is available for data entry to the HydInfra database. This ASCII text option allows exported Geopak Drainage project data to be uploaded to the HydInfra database. It may also be used to format data from GPS equipment other than Trimble. 

Tabular data can be used to create features, inspections and activities in the HydInfra database. The data must be submitted as a .csv (comma separated value) file with the data arranged in a specific order defined by the published format. 

Each record type has a specific format documented in HyiHelp, which shows the field data format (text, number) and where appropriate the list of allowable values. The hyd-csv.slx file can be used to create an input file or check that the input file is in the published format.

Design-build project HydInfra requirements