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Culvert Repair Cost


Culvert Repair Cost data collection

Culvert Repair Cost data collection is a preliminary effort by MnDOT to quantify the cost of several types of culvert repairs done by Maintenance forces. This page provides resources to MnDOT personnel who record culvert repair cost data with ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector Application on iPad or PC. Culvert Repair Cost data is being recorded beginning in 2014. Collected data is not in HydInfra but stored in a separate database until Asset Management software is in place. Many of the pipe repairs will be captured from collected data for upload to HydInfra, but HydInfra will not include details about costs of labor, equipment or materials.

Results: Cost Estimates for Culvert Repairs by Maintenance

What are Required to Record?: Repairs of Culverts

Repairs are recorded in Culvert Cost until TAMS Work Order Management (WOM) is in place late in 2018. Once WOM is in place, Maintenance will keep TAMS-HydInfra up-to-date when they do a repair.

Reports of Culvert Repair Costs

  • Culvert Cost Reports -- Use your own MnDOT Login
  • Individual Repair Details Report shows culvert details and all labor, equipment and materials assigned to a Repair ID

Culvert Cost App for PC

Culvert Cost App for iPad

Paper Form for Repairs

Print the paper form to use as backup for when you have problems with the App or to review available labor, equipment and materials lists.

Culvert Inspection and Repair -- We could have fixed it cheaper, sooner!

3 presentations summarize MnDOT HydInfra inspections, D6 HIVE video inspection and cost of repairs by Maintenance, presented at APWX 2016.

The Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer (HIVE) is an enhanced radio-operated car, which allows MnDOT to inspect culverts and pipes to determine if any repairs or replacement is needed. Often the culverts and pipes are too small for a person to enter it to visually inspect it, so the vehicle is operated via radio control with a camera and lights to record and view conditions with just one specialist at the site. It has discovered damage in culverts underneath roads long before the problem becomes an emergency. The device was modified by Rochester MnDOT workers in the inventory department, who are experienced radio-operated car hobbyists. They are building similar devices for other MnDOT districts and creating an online guide for parts, repairs and operation to allow all MnDOT users to access the information when issues arise. These are videos from HIVE inspections: