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Minnesota Bicycle Law
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Mn/DOT Bikeways Facility Design Manual provides a background on how bicyclists fit in with other users of the transportation system.


Mn/DOT also assembled traffic laws in the Mn/DOT Traffic Engineering Manual.

Driving Your Bike

By Minnesota law, bicycles are defined as vehicles, so bicyclists must follow the same laws as motorists. To bike safely you need to know Minnesota laws for operating your bicycle. There are other state laws that pertain to bicycling, check the Minnesota Legislature website for all the state laws.


Statutes specific to driving your bike


In Minnesota, roads, bike lanes, shoulders, paths (trails), and bridges are all a part of the bicycle transportation network and provide predictability and safety for all roadway users. Bicyclists need to know how to drive their bike on both non-motorized vehicle routes (trails and paths) and also on the road. Bicyclists also need to mix with other vehicle types, for example, trucks, buses, and cars and also how to bike safely around pedestrians. Check the pedestrian laws to know your responsibilities towards pedestrians.


Cities also have ordinances that govern the use of bicycles in their city limits.  Check out the city ordinances in the city you will be traveling.


See also for information on how to bike safely.


The Minnesota Legislature has a complete list of all the laws. You can use the “search” feature on this web site to find out more about bicycling, pedestrian travel, traffic, and motorized vehicles such as scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and motorized bicycles.