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Bicycling in Minnesota


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Federal Guidance


The Federal Highway Administration Bicycle and Pedestrian Program issues guidance and is responsible for overseeing that requirements in legislation are understood and met by the States and other implementing agencies.


Each State has a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator in its State Department of Transportation to promote and facilitate the increased use of nonmotorized transportation, including developing facilities for the use of pedestrians and bicyclists and public educational, promotional, and safety programs for using such facilities.


Resources for state and local governments includes program, design and accessibility guidance.


SAFTETEA-LU, the 2005 federal surface transportation act, includes several provisions for bicycle and pedestrian programs, including the Safe Routes to School Program, the Non-motorized Transportation Pilot Program, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Grants. See Section VI, SAFETEA-LU summary for more information.


Federal Transportation Planning Requirements - SAFETEA-LU

The 2005 federal surface transportation act includes several provisions relating to bicycle and pedestrian faculties and the planning process., See Section III, SAFETEA-LU summary


Accommodating Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel: A Recommended Approach by the FHWA


Environmental Justice

Presidential Executive Order 12898 says that all projects using federal funds must identify and address the effects of all programs, policies, and activities on minor populations and low-income populations.


Accessible Design

Pedestrian Access Requirements

Questions and Answers About ADA/Section 504




Minnesota Statutes


Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 174, Minnesota Transportation Goals:


Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 116D, State Environmental Policy:
State government shall use all practicable means…



To the fullest extent practicable the policies, rules, and public laws of the state shall be interpreted and administered in accordance with this chapter.


Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 160.264: Replacing Bikeways and Pedestrian Ways
Whenever an existing bikeway, pedestrian way, or roadway used by bicycles or pedestrians, or the sole access to such is destroyed by any new, reconstructed, or relocated federal, state, or local highway, the road authority responsible shall replace the destroyed facility or access with a comparable facility or access. Replacement is not required where it would be contrary to public safety or when sparsity of population, other available ways, or other factors indicate an absence of need for such facility or access.


Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 160.265
The commissioner shall establish a program for the development of bikeways primarily on existing road rights of way.