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Getting There by Bicycle
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Getting There By Bicycle

Whether you are bicycling within your neighborhood, exploring the state’s scenic county roads and trails or commuting to work, this site will provide you with information and resources to help you make your trip a safe, efficient and enjoyable one.


A Few Tips

Choose your route carefully.  Be sure to know the traffic laws that apply to you as a cyclist.  Remember, you must follow the same rules as motor vehicles.  Also, know that your commute to work can include transit.  Most buses in the Twin Cities area have bike racks as well as many Greater Minnesota Transit Systems.  


Your Bike Commute

Choosing your route to work is a critical step to an enjoyable and safe trip.  Using a map that provides the local road network is a good place to start.

Check out the Share the Road Website for more information on safety, the 8 rules of the road and commuting by bicycle.


Parking Your Bike

bike racks


All racks are not created equal.  Racks are the best if they can easily accommodate all-locks, are located in a well-lighted location and are securely installed.


Your Bicycle

There are many choices in the types of bikes that are out there. 


General Equipment




You the Commuter

Bicycle commuters need to research and plan their routes carefully to have a safe, reliable and convenient commuting experience.  Considerations to take into account when you choose bike commuting as your mode or partial mode of transportation include your route selection, clothing and bike storage.  Bicycling is an energy-efficient, economical, and non-polluting mode of transportation.  Bicycling can be a healthful and enjoyable form of recreation.


With gas prices climbing, choosing bicycling as a commute option is not only good for your health, but also the health of the environment and your pocket book!