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Bicycling in Minnesota


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Federal-aid Highway Program funding


Other sources of funding information:


Guide to funding bicycle and pedestrian facilities

This is a guide to funding resources to assist state, local and tribal government, communities, and non-governmental organizations obtain funding to construct and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and other important aspects of bicycle transportation, including research, training and education.  This is not a comprehensive list of funding opportunities.


Bicycling and walking facilities are eligible for Federal-aid Highway Program funding.  Federal legislation establishes that bicycling and walking are part of the transportation decision-making at the State and local level and that funding bicycle and pedestrian facilities encourages more people to bicycle and walk.  Some of these funding sources also provide resources to provide and expand bicycle research, education, and training.  Your Area Transportation Planning organization or Metropolitan Planning Organization administers these funding dollars. 


The success of obtaining funding depends on matching the criteria set forth by the funding program.  Also, it pays to research other non-conventional sources.  Bicycle transportation includes not only a network of bicycle lanes, on-road facilities and trails, but also maintenance of these facilities, adequate bicycle parking and storage, route-finding tools, and connections to transit facilities.  Transit is one of the most important ways to expand bicycling opportunities by diminishing the impact of inclement weather, shortening longer bike commute distances, and avoiding high motor vehicle traffic areas by hopping on the bus!


Bicycle Facility Cost Calculation