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Bicycling in Minnesota

Planning & Design

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Designing for Bicycling and Pedestrians

Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations in roadway projects are supported by Federal Legislation, Minnesota State Statutes and MnDOT policy and practice.  MnDOT translates Federal and State laws for accommodating bicycles and pedestrians into policies and practices through:


Statewide Bicycle System Plan

Statewide Bicycle Planning Study


Technical Guidance for Bikeways


Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Bicycle Facility Types
Roads, road shoulders, bike lanes, paths and trails play important role in an integrated, connected bicycle system.


Shoulder use

Paved shoulders


Roads – wide curb lane

Roads – wide curb lane


Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes


Roads - Taking the Lane

Roads - Taking the Lane


Paths (Trails)
Paths/Trails (Itasca State Park