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Mississippi River Trail


The majority of the Mississippi River Trail is located on low use roadways and upon road shoulders.  However, significant off-road trail segments exist.  Outstate, its possible to travel approximately 100 miles between Cass Lake and Brainerd utilizing the Heartland State Trail and the Paul Bunyan State Trail that are managed by the Department of Natural Resources.  These trails, constructed largely upon abandoned railroad grades, are relatively flat and constructed with accessibility considerations important to a wide variety of the users. Even though we know that many trail segments within the Twin Cities are accessible, a comprehensive segment by segment assessment is presently unavailable. 

Alternatively, Wilderness Inquiry Inc., represents an alternative way to experience parts of the Mississippi River experience.  Wilderness Inquiry (WI) is a non-profit organization that helps people from all walks of life to personally experience the natural world.  Each year they operate trips, half-day adventures and other events on locations along the Mississippi River.