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Bid Letting - Pre - Letting Requirements
What's required before submitting a bid
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Prequalification & Qualified Bidders
Mn/DOT has no prequalification requirements for submitting bids on construction and maintenance projects. 

Eligible Bidders
Only eligible bidders can bid on, subcontract for, or supply materials or services for any state, county, maintenance, or municipal projects.  Don't use debarred businesses or individuals as subcontractors or material suppliers.

Bid Bonds
All bids must include proposal guaranty (bid bond) of five percent of the bid price.  A certified check or cashier's check ffor five percent of the contract amount is also acceptable.  Bid bonds help assure that only legitimate bids are submitted.

Prevailing Wage

If a project is financed with both state and federal funds, workers must be paid the higher of the two wage rates for an individual classification as listed in the contract's state and federal wage determinations. Proposals contain prevailing wage information.  Should wage rates change between the time the proposal goes on sale and the letting date, you will be sent an addendum showing the new wage rates.  You must comply with the most current wage rates. 

State prevailing wage
Federal prevailing wage

Other Requirements

Business Requirements
All businesses who bid on construction or maintenance contracts must:
Be registered with the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State in order to do business in Minnesota.  Businesses can register online at:  http://expressservices.sos.state.mn.us/

Minnesota tax identification number
Federal tax identification number


Human Rights Certificate of Compliance
Ensures you meet all the requirements.  The process to obtain a human rights certificate is often lengthy.  To avoid delay of the award, apply for certification prior to submitting bids. 

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)
Some construction projects have DBE goals;  these DBE goals will be stated in the plans and proposals.  DBE goals ensure that small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals have equal opportunity to participate on contracts and project work administered by Mn/DOT

DBE DirectoryVendor Search lists certified DBE
Firms that have bid on or performed work on Mn/DOT projects. 

Equal Employment Opportunity
Ensures equal opportunity for employment in the construction trades on Mn/DOT projects regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status and status with regard to public assistance.

Title VI
Ensures that all programs, services, activities and benefits are implemented without discrimination and with active inclusion of minority and protected class interests through its Title VI Program

Regulated Activities
Some construction projects require special licenses or permits.  Contact the appropriate agency for regulated activities you might encounter on a project.


Preference for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Encouragement of Participation by Veteran-Owned Subcontractors

For contracts with no Federal-Aid funding, eligible certified veteran-owned and eligible certified service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses will receive a preference in the evaluation of their proposal for this Project. In addition these contracts will have a Goal for the use of veteran owned
and eligible certified service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses as sub-contractors.