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How to bid questions


Bonding, insurance requirements, questions on how to bid on Mn/DOT highway construction projects.

Nancy Boeve , Contracts and Lettings Supervisor
Fax: 651-366-4248

Amanedia Dear
Fax: 651-366-4248


Allison Buhl
Fax: 651-366-4248


Selling materials and/or Supplies to Mn/DOT questions:

Department Of Administration-Materials Management Divisions.
Phone: 651-296-2600




Design-build questions

Peter Davich, Design-build Program Director
Phone: 651-366-4233
Fax: 651-366-4248


Bidding on State Aid projects

Ron Dahlquist
Phone: 651-366-3823


On-highway state construction

Department of Administration
Phone: 651-296-1053

Building rest areas or salt shacks

Bob MIller
Phone: 651-366-373


Office of Civil Rights:

For DBE questions:


EEO questions:


Office of Contract Management:


For Veterans Preference questions:


Office of Contract Management


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