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Better Roads for a Better Minnesota

About the program

MnDOT's Better Roads for a Better Minnesota is a four-year program that will:

  • Significantly improve state highway pavement condition – the goal is to improve more than 700 miles of roads
  • Improve transit in the Twin Cities metro area including MnPASS expansion and shoulder hardening for transit
  • Increase safety and ADA accessibility, while improving infrastructure such as drainage facilities
  • Explore innovative engineering and delivery techniques to get the most for the taxpayer dollar
  • Provide jobs for Minnesota citizens

The need

State performance measures currently show that about 750 miles of trunk highway in Minnesota are classified as ‘poor’ condition. Without additional investment, the number of miles in ‘poor’ condition is estimated to increase to 1,900 by the year 2020. 


Better Roads in the Twin Cities (PDF)

Better Roads in Greater Minnesota (PDF)

Funding sources

The overall cost of this program is $398 million and does not require any increase in revenue. The funding sources include Trunk Highway Bonds held as contingency for unanticipated cost increases in the MnDOT Bridge Program; state funds from the Trunk Highway Fund; and available federal funds that include bid savings on recent projects.