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Connected and Automated Vehicles


MnDOT is currently doing or has completed research on automated and connected vehicles that will help the agency prepare for future transportation needs in Minnesota.  

Current projects

Testing facilities

MnDOT’s MnROAD test facility provides an opportunity for manufacturers to test AV and CV technology in a closed and controlled environment.  The facility includes a 2.5 mile closed loop, and a 3.5 mile section of I-94 that can be closed to other traffic.  Operators interested in testing AV and CV technology should contact MnDOT

Completed projects

Transportation Futures project
Fog Lines project
Bluetooth low energy technology
Collision avoidance
Snowplow Driver Assist System
Integrating mobile observations
Minnesota road fee project
Building a hardware-in-the-loop simulation testbed and a living laboratory for evaluating connected vehicle-highway systems
Other smart in-vehicle technologies

Technologies that MnDOT has or is currently exploring: